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Motorola Dinara test photo surfaces
These days when it comes to Motorola devices, all that is being talked about at the moment is the Droid Bionic, and given its specs and features, we are not surprised. Unfortunately the same hype seemed to have overshadowed another big Motorola device, the Motorola Dinara, although some are thinking it could probably be named as the Motorola Droid HD.

Everpix makes your photos accessible from anywhere
If you’ve got photos stored all over the place and you wish that you had an easy way to access all of them from one location, you’re in luck. Everpix seems to have the answer for you. Speaking at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt, the folks at Everpix presented its service that helps collect and organize all your photographs and stores it in one location (on the cloud or on your […]

Galaxy Tab 7.7 spotted in the wild?
It’s only a few more days until Samsung’s Unpacked event at IFA 2011, but the internet is already rife with rumors about what Samsung will be revealing on that day. One of the products that have been discovered (through snooping around of the Unpacked app’s .APK file) is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 that’s slightly larger than the original Galaxy Tab.

Facebook to introduce photo filters?
After failing to acquire Instagram this summer, it looks like Facebook will be taking matters into its own hands by creating its own filters instead, according to a report from the NY Times blog. According to two engineers working at Facebook who spilt the information, Zuckerberg (Facebook’s CEO) wants his engineers and artists to create more filters before it is officially released to the public.


Pixeet 360 lets you create 360 Panoramas with your iPhone
Panoramas are some of the most fun things you can create with the use of a camera, but it’s difficult to create really good compositions due to the inaccuracy of the human eye, and lens when it comes to stitching images together. However, the folks over at Pixeet have managed to come up with a way to overcome all those problems – by using a fish-eye lens and a helpful […]

Olympus PEN E-PL3 Priced
A few weeks ago, we had a close encounter with the Olympus PEN E-PL3, a mid-range micro 4/3 digital camera with a slim body and a swivel screen that increase your comfort when shooting from above your head, or below your waist. Many users got excited and were anxiously waiting to know about the pricing the upcoming damage to their wallets.This is now official: the PEN E-PL3 will come out […]

Cases for upcoming HTC Windows Phone 7 devices spotted
Looking forward to the new and upcoming Windows Phone handsets from HTC? Well you’re in luck if you were looking for a sign that they’re more than just rumors. A blog has recently leaked pictures of soft cases that are said to be for the upcoming HTC Omega and HTC Eternity phones. Judging by where the holes on the cases are in comparison to recently leaked photos of the HTC […]

The Niko: DSLR Camera Bag by Chrome
Chrome has come up with an interesting bag for the DSLR-wielding crowd. The Niko is a sling bag that has been built for holding DSLR cameras and accessories. Just like many “pro” (or at least enthusiast) photo bag, it has internal separators that lets the photographer create compartments. This allows for a better management of the internal volume of the bag, but more importantly, your gears aren’t pulled down by […]

Samsung i727 spotted in the wild
The folks over at Pocketnow managed to land their hands on a couple of photographs of what is said to be the AT&T-bound Samsung SGH-i727. They stitched the pictures together with Photoshop, giving us a photograph of a skewed looking phone. If you ignore the problems with perspective, it does look like the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S.The phone is said to be still a few months away from launch – […]

Transform Shoulder Mount HD Movie Kit turns your DSLR into a video camera
How many of you enjoy shooting movies but don’t have the luxury of owning a video camera? Well, all hope is not lost. DSLRs shoot some pretty good quality movies at lower prices too, but the problem with using one is that it’s not exactly very comfortable to hold for a long time – which can be a problem if you don’t use a tripod. But keeping the camera on […]

PopBooth turns your iOS device into a photo booth
In this age where digital photographs are taking over actual prints, it has become a novelty to own physical photographs again. Well, if you reminisce about those days, Sincerely has got some great news for you. The folks behind Postagram (the app that turns your Instagram photographs into postcards) have just announced a new app that turns your photographs into photo strips – just like the ones you used to […]

Facebook iOS photo sharing app leaked (updated)
The folks over at TechCrunch seems to have gotten their hands on a whole bunch of documents containing details and images of Facebook’s upcoming photosharing app for the iPhone. And judging from their first impressions, they seem to be pretty enamored by the app which they are calling “awesome”.The app, which has been codenamed “Hovertown” or “WIthPeople” is said to be a cross between some famous iOS photo apps – […]

Panasonic GF2 Hands-On
 You may have seen that the Panasonic GF3 has been just launched (after many leaks), but this means that the Panasonic GF2 (which shipped in Feb 2011) price might take a dive ($499 street price – today). I just happen to have one at the office today, and as a GF1 user, I thought that I would give you my take on it.The Panasonic GF2 is perceptibly smaller than the […]

Instagram now at 5 million users
Last month we reported that Instagram was growing at 1.2 million users a month and was at 4.25 million users. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, the service has now hit 5 million users. After being around for only 8 months, Instagram is proving to be one of the most popular social networks of all time. Considering thatit’s only available on iOS devices. There is no Android app, neither […]