ZAZOO Photo Clock

If your kids are having trouble telling the time and what they should be doing at certain hours of the day (i.e. be in bed by 9pm), ZAZOO’s Photo Clock was built to solve that problem. Designed to help children who don’t know how to read the time yet, this Photo Clock comes with a set of pre-programmed images that show up on the screen depending on the time of day. Visually, this helps kids to understand what they should be doing when they look at the clock – should they be awake or asleep?


In addition to being a timekeeper for young ones, the ZAZOO Photo Clock has the ability to function as a storytelling device – you can load it up with audiobooks to read stories to your kids when you’re too tired to read them bedtime stories. In addition to giving your kids some entertainment while they sleep, during the rest of the day when it isn’t being a storyteller, it even works as a digital photo frame and an MP3 player. Talk about versatile! The ZAZOO Photo Clock pretty much does everything except making a glass of warm milk or giving your kid a kiss on the forehead. It is available for purchase now for $89.00 from ZAZOO’s online shop. Head here for more details.

Update 3/11: article updated to reflect the original intention of the Zazoo Photo Clock.

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