MicroVision PicoHUD

You know how distracting GPS units can be to use and drive at the same time? Companies have been trying hard to work at a solution to the problem, but no matter how good and intuitive you make a GPS, it’s still going to be a distraction that the driver will have to take his focus off the road in order to use. Well, the folks over at MicroVision seems to have solved the problem.

The company managed to create a heads-up display that is projected onto the windshield of a car, giving information to drivers so that they won’t have to take their eyes off the road in order to look at directions, or monitor the status of their cars. Ever played a racing video game before? Imagine having a HUD like that – except that this time, it’s in real life.

Called PicoP HUD technology, it will be used to monitor the vehicle, provide navigation, radio controls, as well as provide other information that can be projected onto the car’s windshield. Safer driving that looks infinitely cooler than a standard GPS device. No word on which automaker MicroVision has partnered up with, but you can expect this technology to be used in a car that’s coming out in 2014. Any guesses?

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