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How To Turn off Geotagging in Android
With the advancement in technology and the dominance of internet, privacy is becoming one of the major issues. We are giving up information of our current activities with our own hands, and don’t even know how this information can be used against us. Even if people try to hide their private information, it gets leaked somehow as there are just too many ways to give up this information.Geotagging is just […]

Leica M9-P spotted in the wild
Looking forward to the next Leica camera? Well the folks over at Leica rumors managed to get their hands on some close up snapshots of the upcoming Leica M9-P camera. The Leica M9-P is expected to be announced next month on June 21, and is rumored to cost $700 more than the current Leica M9 model which costs $6,995.00. Quite a huge price to pay for a camera that only […]

Ultrathin Dell XPS 15z spotted in the wild
Earlier this week we wrote about rumors of a new ultrathin laptop from Dell that is slated to be released within the next few weeks. Today, some photographs of the rumored laptop have found their way onto the internet, courtesy of Mobile Review. The laptop is supposedly named the XPS 15z, and from the leaked photographs, it sure looks like a beauty.Featuring an uncommon layout for the laptop’s bottom half […]

Burglar gets caught after posting up pictures of swag on Facebook
If there’s one thing you should never do after robbing somebody, it’s posting pictures of you and the stolen goods in hand up on the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. A burglar had to find out the hard way when he was recently arrested for that very reason. The robber had posted up a picture of himself in his new coat, holding some stolen cash on the profile page […]


BlackBerry Storm 3 specs and images leaked
The folks over at BGR are on a roll. In addition to leaking the new Curve, Bold, and Torch devices, they’ve just released the specs and images to one more BlackBerry device – the Storm 3: the full-touchscreen BlackBerry phone that is meant to redeem the massive disappointment that was the Storm. From the looks of its specs so far, phone sure looks like it can hold its own ground […]

Mysterious Sony Ericsson Hallon pictured?
Here’s a rather interesting leak for Sony Ericsson fans out there. Pictures of an unknown Sony Ericsson phone have surfaced, and the speculation is that it’s codenamed Hallon, bearing the model number MT15i. The pictures show that it’s running Android and should be an Android 2.3 Gingerbread build. A microUSB and 3.5mm headphone jack can be seen at the top of the device, along with an unusually large lens of […]

Facebook To Stop Showing You Pictures Of Your Ex
You may have noticed that Facebook’s Photo Memories tends to show you pictures of your friends on the top right corner of the Facebook interface. That’s well and good since you probably want to keep in touch with your friends. The problem is, it also has a tendency to show pictures of your ex-flame, and if you didn’t part on good terms, such pictures might have a tendency to make […]

Nokia 5250 Official Pictures Released
Nokia has revealed official pictures for a new device, without specifically mentioning which model the device is. Of course, we’ve previously caught sight of the device before, and if you’ve been in touch with the news, you’ll know that it’s the Nokia 5250, which is the successor to the 5230 (Nuron). So if you were previously thinking of getting the Nokia 5230, perhaps you’ll want to hold out for the […]

Pictures Of What The $100 VIA Tablet Devices Might Look Like
Remember the recent news that VIA is looking to introduce tablet devices in the US that will cost around $100-$150? While actual details on these devices aren’t available just yet, the company has put up a gallery showing what those tablets based on VIA’s WonderMedia PRIZM SmartTouch platform could look like. At a glance they do look quite pretty, though they do seem to be quite similar to tablet devices […]

HTC Bravo Hitting Orange In March?
We’ve previously mentioned that the HTC Bravo might be available in March 2010, though it was speculated to be available on T-Mobile UK. Now a supposedly leaked picture showing the HTC Bravo being available on Orange has surfaced. Of course, it might be a photoshop job, but considering that March has been the rumored date for this device to be launched more than once, perhaps there is a chance that […]