Facebook To Stop Showing You Pictures Of Your Ex

You may have noticed that Facebook’s Photo Memories tends to show you pictures of your friends on the top right corner of the Facebook interface. That’s well and good since you probably want to keep in touch with your friends. The problem is, it also has a tendency to show pictures of your ex-flame, and if you didn’t part on good terms, such pictures might have a tendency to make you unhappy. Facebook’s algorithm for calculating which picture to show isn’t entirely clear, but it probably calculates based on factors such as how often you check a person’s pictures out or something related to wall posts. Plenty of folks have been unhappy over this issue and now the Facebook Photos Project Manager has confirmed that they’ve tweaked the program so that it will no longer show tagged photos of friends that you were previously in a relationship with. Of course, that probably won’t satisfy everybody, since you might still be good friends with your ex, but nothing is perfect, right?

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