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How To Use The Ping Command To Test Your Network (Win, Mac, Linux)
Testing your internet connection speed using a third party platform is something we have covered before. Though, we didn’t get a proper look at how to test the condition of your network. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through the ping command, and how to use it to test your network.

Ping App Intends To Make Email Fun Again
I don’t know about you, but how fun is your email account these days? Seriously, do you open up your inbox with a sense of anticipation, or rather, dread? It really depends, if you are in love and cannot wait to hit the refresh button on your inbox in order to see whether your other half has sent you an email, then email is more than fun – but if […]

Ping ends run on September 30th
Mark down September 30th on your calendars, boys and girls, as the music social network from Apple will arrive at the end of the proverbial road then. This is in line with rumors that made its rounds earlier this May that Apple is looking to kill of Ping, and considering the lack of updates since Ping was announced a couple of years ago, it makes perfect sense not to flog […]

Pong and augmented reality married, spawns Ping!
What happens when you bring the old, nay, ancient together with the new? Well, you get something that is far out, of course! Remember Pong back in the day, when you controlled a paddle just to deflect an incoming ball back at your opponent? Such a simple premise, and yet it held your attention for hours on end. Fast forward to today and you have augmented reality technology seeping into […]


iPING Putter App improves your putting
Technology has been used to help golfers improve their game for quite awhile now. We’ve covered some apps before, and a high tech glove, and now the folks at PING have a new way to improve your putting. Called the iPING Putter App, this app measures your stroke type, impact angle, and tempo which you can use to compare with your friends and some pre-entered golfing pros.The app aims to […]

iDevice gets better battery life with Ping turned off
If you have updated your iDevice (that would mean the iPod, iPhone or iPad) to iOS 4.3, chances are pretty good you would have noticed that the battery life isn’t what it used to be. That might sound like bad news to you folks out there, but it isn’t all doom and gloom, you know – there is a workaround to “solve” this situation, and it will involve disabling Ping […]

Apple patents social networking shopping for retail stores
Apple has already dipped its toes into the social networking game via its Ping music-sharing service and now the fruity company has filed for a patent that describes a social networking tool for brick-and-mortar shopping, allowing iPhone owners to share comments, opinions and recommendations about any type of product. A store would allow customers to access a product list from their phone, which can then be shared through the social […]

Apple Spoke To Facebook 18-months Before The Launch Of Ping, No Deal Though
When Apple first introduced Ping, its music-oriented social networking service, many folks were curious why there wasn’t any Facebook integration. Steve Jobs mentioned that Facebook demanded some onerous terms, though specifics were never mentioned. Now news is going around that both companies were actually in talks for over a year before the launch of Ping, though the talks obviously came to naught, as evidenced by the current state of Ping. […]