ping-appI don’t know about you, but how fun is your email account these days? Seriously, do you open up your inbox with a sense of anticipation, or rather, dread? It really depends, if you are in love and cannot wait to hit the refresh button on your inbox in order to see whether your other half has sent you an email, then email is more than fun – but if you are working in a high pressure environment where every single email alert in your inbox gives you a heart attack, then you would wish there were moments or days when you could just disconnect from it all. The Ping app was developed in order to make email fun again, where it will be launched later this month to function as a hybrid of sorts between email and messaging apps.


Ping is said to represent a reimagination of the traditional email experience, where it will transform it into a manner which popular messaging apps such as MessageMe and WhatsApp deliver. Ping will play nice with a range of major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud, but it also doubles up as a dedicated messaging app. All your messages within Ping will be organized into a people-centric feed, that are further consolidated into individual people or groups. All streams will be continuous, and voice and video calling are also supported. Do you think you would find Ping fun to use?

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