Mark down September 30th on your calendars, boys and girls, as the music social network from Apple will arrive at the end of the proverbial road then. This is in line with rumors that made its rounds earlier this May that Apple is looking to kill of Ping, and considering the lack of updates since Ping was announced a couple of years ago, it makes perfect sense not to flog a dead horse any longer.


Those who paid a visit to Ping’s home in iTunes will realize that from September 30th onwards, no more new members will be accepted no matter how much you beg, cry or wail. I guess there might be just some third party developers out there who could come up with an app of sorts to help you know what you are playing as well as what your mates are enjoying on their playlist. Are you happy or sad that Ping has reached the end of the road, or do you remain indifferent?

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