Bing Image Search Evolves With Multiple New Features

Bing’s image search is becoming more convenient and useful today with the latest update. Bing will now show interesting information when a user selects a picture in the search results, such as places to buy a particular product that’s in the image, related searches, or a list of pages which contain more info on that image.

Pinterest Introduces Faster Pinning

It was just a couple of months ago that rumors went flying about, citing that Pinterest could jolly well introduce a “Buy” button to their site. Well, rumors being rumors, it will take time for it to be debunked or to get confirmed. Today, we have something else that is different – and a whole lot more concrete in nature due to it being from the horse’s mouth – the […]

Animated Ad Pins Coming To Pinterest

In September 2013 Pinterest launched a beta program which showed users promoted pins from a selected group of advertisers in category feeds and search results. This was part of CEO Ben Silbermann’s monetization strategy for the online service which has been around for some five years. Promoted Pins went live for all users earlier this year and now Pinterest is going to test animated ad pins.

Pinterest Could Be Working On Adding A “Buy” Button To Their Site

Earlier we reported that Pinterest had debuted a new “apps Pin” feature that basically allowed Pinterest users to discover new apps that they might have missed, and also the ability to install said app on their phone within the Pinterest app itself. That is a pretty neat function, but what about the rest of the pins?Could these pins be gaining more functionality? According to the folks at Re/code, the answer […]


Pinterest Debuts “App Pins” Feature, Makes App Discovery Easier

Pinterest is a great way for you to “pin” things that interest you on the internet. It could be a cool piece of art, a nice drawing, an upcoming gadget, interior design ideas, furniture, food, and etc. These pins can then be shared with your friends and followers who might also be able to draw inspiration from what you have shared with them.So why can’t the same concept be applied […]

Pinterest Promoted Pins Will Now Be Opened To All Advertisers

Last year Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann laid out plans for monetizing the popular online service which has been around for over five years now. It was bound to happen since generating revenue is essential for an online service if it wants to stick around. Pinterest launched a beta program in September 2013 under which users were shown promoted pins from a select group of advertisers in search results and category […]

Pinterest Tab For Chrome Offers A Fresh New Look For Chrome Browser

I am inclined to agree that our society these days tend to get bored – really, really fast. Having said that, we are always on the lookout for something new that will enthrall us and keep our attention riveted. Using the same Web browser day in and day out might prove to be rather boring, which is why you might want to consider downloading the Pinterest Tab for Chrome. It […]

Pinterest For Android 3.0 Coming Your Way

Much of the dust at Google I/O 2014 has settled, and there is still plenty to digest on what has been announced. Well, for folks who cannot get enough of Pinterest, here is a little something for you – Pinterest has revealed a brand new feature for those who happen to rock on to Android-powered devices which will make its appearance on Pinterest for Android v3.0 that is all set […]

Pinterest Hacked, Results In Massive Spam Effort

If you happen to be an active Pinterest user, then you might be interested to hear that the service has been hacked recently. As a result of that, huge numbers of user accounts started to share their “achievements” in their respective weight loss “adventures” all over the social network as well as Twitter. This is not the first time that such a “phenomenon” has happened, as it did occur where […]

Pinterest For Windows Phone Finally Released

Windows Phone users who also happen to be fans of Pinterest have something to be happy about today. The official Pinterest for Windows Phone application has been released today. The release was confirmed by Windows Phone boss Joe Belfiore, who would no doubt be happy about the fact that the app gap is gradually closing on Microsoft’s mobile platform.Those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, though its hard to […]

Pinterest Guided Search To Launch On The Web

It was not too long ago that Guided Search was introduced on Pinterest for mobile devices, allowing one to enjoy making discoveries while hunting down something that you didn’t know you were on the lookout before, ranging from a drool inducing recipe to the next road trip or million dollar idea. Well, the folks over at Pinterest have just announced that Guided Search will make its debut on the web […]

Pinterest Announces Guided Search

Search engines come in handy to answer specific questions, ranging from general knowledge issues such as the weather in San Francisco to the capital of Bolivia. Pinterest, however, intends to help you out by answering questions that will have more than just a single “correct” answer. For instance, where would your next vacation be, or what are you going to have for dinner tonight? Such open-ended questions might require you […]

Pinterest ‘Gifts Feed’ Launched

Buying gifts through Pinterest just became a lot easier. A new Pinterest Gifts feed has been launched which only displays products that are available for purchase. In this feed users will see “Product Pins,” that are accompanied by additional information such as availability, price and the location from where the item can be purchased. Currently described as a “work-in-progress,” the Gifts Feed can be filtered based on price just by […]

Pinterest GIF Support Is Finally Here

Pinterest has actually become quite popular over the years, moreover its been actively offering new features to users to keep them onboard. Just recently it launched a new recipe search engine, allowing users to search thousands of recipe pins from public boards, which means that they’ll never run out of dishes to try out. Today, the much awaited Pinterest GIF support has finally been added. They can be played and […]