Articles about Pixel C

Pixel C Tablet Dropped From The Google Store
The Google Pixel C tablet was officially announced a couple of years ago back in 2015, which we suppose by all accounts does make it “old”. This is why it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to learn that Google has pulled the tablet from its online store. Google has not made any official announcement, but going to its page will now redirect users to the Pixelbook.

Google Looking Into The Pixel C’s Poor WiFi Performance
By now WiFi in laptops, phones, and tablets should have been more or less standardized. However sometimes certain things like software, or a blocked antenna could mean less than ideal performance, which seems to be the case with the Google Pixel C device, something that Google will be looking into.According to several user reports, it seems that there are quite a few Pixel C owners who have been complaining about […]

Pixel C Was Apparently Never Meant To Run Android
Back in September, Google took the wraps off the Pixel C Android tablet. It was an interesting naming choice considering that the Pixel brand seemed to reserved for Google’s Chrome OS, while the Nexus brand was for Android devices as we have seen in the past with the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and etc.However it seems that there might have been a reason why the Pixel C was named that […]

Google Pixel C Tablet Now Available For Purchase
Last week, we reported that the Google Pixel C tablet was rumored for launch in a week’s time – and it seems that this particular rumor is definitely spot on as it is now available for purchase by interested parties to have them pick it up from their online hardware store. The Google Pixel C happens to be the very first tablet that has been specially designed as well as […]


Google Pixel C Tablet Rumored For Launch Next Week
Several months ago Google announced the Pixel C Android tablet. This was an interesting move by Google considering that previously, Google had relied on other OEMs to create Nexus tablets, so the launch of the Pixel C certainly did seem to show some sign that Google wanted more control over its hardware.That being said at the time of its announcement, Google mentioned that the tablet would only be available in the […]

Google Shows Off Android-Powered Pixel C Tablet
Google’s Pixel brand has so far been limited to the two Chromebook Pixel notebooks that have been released but as expected the company is now expanding its Pixel brand to tablets as well. At its event today Google confirmed an all new Android-powered tablet called Pixel C, it’s powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow which makes it the first tablet to come with the latest iteration of Android straight out of […]

Google Rumored To Launch Pixel C Android 6.0 Tablet This Year
Google’s Pixel brand is limited to Chromebooks, the first Chromebook Pixel was launched back in 2013 and a few months ago an updated model was released. According to a new rumor Google is going to expand the Pixel brand to tablets later this year, it’s going to launch a tablet called Pixel C that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow.