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Alcatel OneTouch PIXI 3 Smartphone Specs Revealed
The other day we reported on an Alcatel OneTouch smartphone dubbed the PIXI 3, an upcoming smartphone that would play nicely with a bunch of different smartphone operating systems. Well for those who were hoping for a bit more information, Alcatel OneTouch has revealed the specs and features of the PIXI 3 in full at CES 2015.

Alcatel's Pixi 3 Will Be OS Agnostic, Will Run Android, Windows, Firefox OS
With several different smartphone platforms that one can choose from at the moment, it is safe to say that we’re spoilt for choice. You might like the features of a particular platform, but you might not like its design or its lack of apps or the lack of hardware that you can choose from, so what can you do?Well the good news is that Alcatel OneTouch has you covered. The […]