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Palm Pre and Pixi owners receive $50 mail-in rebate on $599 HP TouchPad
Want a new HP TouchPad, but find its $599 price tag to be rather intimidating? Well, you are one fortunate soul if you happen to own a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi (with the Plus versions of both models), as owners of said smartphones are eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate for the 32GB HP TouchPad. Granted, that is less than 10% of the retail price, but every little bit […]

Rubinstein: Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi not getting webOS 2.0 upgrade
This is bad news for owners of the original Palm Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi, as according to folks to talked who Jon Rubinstein after HP’s webOS event, it has been confirmed that said devices won’t be receiving the previously promised update to webOS 2.0. According to Rubinstein, Palm had missed a product cycle in the midst of its financial troubles and subsequent acquisition by HP and the older products […]

HP sells webOS smartphones as bundle with new PCs
HP must be finding it difficult to push out its inventory of webOS-powered smartphones if they have started to push its handsets as part of a PC bundle. HP’s website did point towards a free Palm Pixi whenever you decide to bring home a performance ProBook notebook, but it seems rather inadequate to provide a business-oriented notebook with something less powerful, as we would have preferred to see a Pre […]

3D gaming on the Palm Pixi looks great
It might be a bit hard to believe that this is the Sprint Pixi you’re looking at, handling EA’s Need For Speed: Undercover with aplomb right after the webOS 1.4.5 update. While the frame rates will not touch the heights of those achieved over the iPhone 4 or Pre Plus, it is still a commendable effort for something as budget minded as the Pixi to deliver such results, small screen […]


Sprint drops Palm Pixi to $50
Sprint has lowered the price of its already cheap Palm Pixi to just $50 in the US, hoping to bolster sales of the entry-level webOS phone by some margin. After all, Palm isn’t exactly doing gangbusters financially at the moment even with a great looking smartphone (we’re talking about the Palm Pre and the Pre Plus) with its webOS platform, since they seem to be a little too late to […]

Slacker Radio offers service on bevy of Palm devices
Owners of the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi and Pre Plus need not sit around and mope anymore with news of Slacker Radio offering the ability to tune in to Slacker Radio wherever they are, thanks to the erstwhile free Slacker Radio app. Similar in nature to other Slacker applications on both the BlackBerry and iPhone, you are able to create custom stations, choose from more than 120 expert-programmed genres […]

Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Pricing Rumor
This is still at “rumor” status, but if you’ve been wondering about the price of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus even since Palm announced them during CES 2010, word is going around that the Palm Pre Plus will be going for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and customary contract, while the Pixi Plus will be going at a promotional price of $99.99 after some rebates. If that’s […]

Palm Press Conference Wrap-Up
[CES 2010] Palm picked up a slew of accolades at CES last year with the release of their pre smartphone as well as its webOS, but somehow they did not manage to translate that success on the commercial front to one huge money spinning business. Well, let us hope that things will look up for them this year with all the hard work put in, and here’s a more detailed […]

Verizon To Offer Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus
If you’re a Palm fan and are looking out for more developments from Palm, the good news is that Verizon Wireless will be carrying the Palm Pixi, as well as the Palm Pre. The official names of these phones from Verizon should be dubbed the Palm Pre Plus, and Palm Pixi Plus. Word is that these phones will be shipping webOS version 1.3.5, so hopefully you won’t have to upgrade […]

Palm Pixi Review
When the Palm Pixi first appeared in May, there was a lot of excitement about an affordable Web OS device with a slim and sexy design. By the time Pixi had arrived to Market, a deluge of Android phones lead by the Motorola Droid and the powerful iPhone 3GS had been released. Android 2.0 and Motoblur feature functionalities that are close to Palm’s Synergy, while the Pixi lacks WiFi. At […]

Palm Pixi announced (+video)
Palm has officially announced the Palm Pixi on their Facebook page and on The Pixi seems like a mass market phone that has many of the attributes of its older sibling, the Palm Pre. Here are the highlights: 320×400 display, 2.63″ Exchange support GPS 8GB of storage 3.5mm Jack Web OS Clearly, there’s enough to make a lot of people happy. Now the real question is: how much will […]