If you’re the kind of person who insists to gloat about your sexual conquests to your bros while hanging out at the local pub, a new app will make that process much easier as you’ll be able to share every little detail of how “far you went” with your buds through an iPhone app.

An app called Playbook was created by a group of young developers that allows users to upload and rate pictures of lady friends they’ve had a thing with to their “bros.” In addition to uploading your lady’s photos to then be rated by your “bros” like a pack of wild hyena, you’ll also be able to to indicate how far you got with the “lucky” lady through the grade school method of using a baseball base-running  metaphor.

Your fellow “bros” can comment on your play, either praising or demeaning it, as “bros” usually do. If they enjoyed your play, they can then send you $5 through Venmo’s mobile payment system as a way to treat you to a brewski.

Playbook is currently in its testing stages and could potentially make its way to the iPhone App Store, so long as those who are testing the app out can live with themselves after they not only upload photos of women they’re dating, but also going as far as to describe how far they went with her in hopes one of their “bros” will buy him a beer.

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