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Use Skype on your new Panasonic VIERA Cast Blu-ray player
It looks like we have one more device to add to Skype’s ever expanding list of devices that can use the VoIP software. Panasonic has just announced that their brand new VIERA Cast Blu-ray players will have the ability to make voice and video calls over Skype. All users have to do is press the dedicated Skype button on the remote control to launch Skype. Video and voice calls will […]

The JVC RD-R2 is the musician’s stereo
JVC has just announced the RD-R2 – a portable stereo designed with the musician in mind. What’s so special about this device is that it is has been specially designed for musicians to record and listen to their music to see how they did in rehearsal. The RD-R2 (almost R2-D2 eh?) comes with stereo mics, input jacks and a microSD/SDHC card reader for you to record/playback your music. In addition […]

The Marantz NA7004 player does everything but play CDs
We all knew that CDs are a dying format, but we didn’t think that manufacturers would start removing it from their players so soon. Marantz’s latest audio player, the NA7004 has a plethora of features and options for you to play a large variety of different formats but it won’t play your favorite CDs (if they are in CD form). Which isn’t a problem since you probably have it converted […]

Kenwood MG-G508 – just another portable music player
Kenwood has just announced the launch of their MG-G508 portable music player in Japan today. These sweet rugged looking devices look pretty interesting, especially with their striking colors contrasted against the black border and bezel around the screen. Though they won’t be taking over the place of the iPod touch that you own right now, these players do what they’re meant to do – which is play music. If you […]


Sound Egg lets you enjoy your music and movies in peace
Don’t you just get annoyed when you’re watching a movie and suddenly other people walk into the room and talk loudly, distracting you from the best parts? Here’s where the Sound Egg comes in. This invention that’s been around since the late 60s has been updated to suit today’s lifestyles. The Sound Egg is basically an egg-shaped chair that is fitted with a full surround sound system. To top it […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G50 Preview
[CES 2011] Apple might be a juggernaut in the “music player” business, but Samsung and other CE manufacturers now have a stable Android platform to work with. The Galaxy Player YP-G50 is an entry-level Android device that is basically a personal digital assistant, and is also a media player. Take a Galaxy Android phone, remove the wireless radio and associated hardware (leave WIFI) and you get a Galaxy player. You […]

Playlist Player merges old and new in single concept
The Playlist Player that was designed by Martin Skelly aims to bring together both the old and new in a single device, letting you listen to your digital audio in a record player setting while being waterproof – or rather, beer-proof considering the type of tunes you’re going to “spin” on this. This special record player comes with five different color covered records that are made up of a special […]

Archos Adds New MP3 Players To Vision Series
While it hasn’t been officially announced just yet, a leaked press release indicates that Archos will be adding a few MP3 players to its Vision line of devices. Amongst the more notable devices included in the leak are: A14VG Vision (pictured above): compact player with 1.4-inch display, 4GB memory, FM tuner. 35 Euros A15VS Vision: Very slim player at 6mm thick, FLAC support and will cost 40 Euros for 4GB […]

Synaptics unveils Fuse, the future of touch user interface
Synaptics, which defines itself as a human interface company, has just unveiled a forward-looking concept device aimed at showing that the full potential of touch devices has yet to be achieved. Despite being widely successful over the past few years, touch user interfaces (UI) still need improvements in areas like one-handed usage or tactile feedback. Not being able to “feel” the touch screen means that you need to look at […]

iSkin Duo for the iPod nano 5G
We typically don’t cover all the accessories out there, but check out this hard shell for the iPod nano 5G. The nano is one of these gadget that is so thin that adding a skin on top of it doesn’t really damage the experience. This comes with a belt clip and even has a docking port protection – how paranoid is that? If you have more question, head to their FAQ […]