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Microsoft: Zune players officially dead
We’ve previously written about rumors concerning the Zune’s demise, and then reported about Microsoft refuting such stories. Well now we’ve come to tell you that the Zune is officially dead. Announced on the official Zune support website, Microsoft has stated that “we will no longer be producing Zune players.” Fortunately this doesn’t mean anything for current Zune owners: your device will continue to work with Zune services just like they […]

Sewell InjectIR lets your remotes work with hidden devices
If you’re a fan of keeping your home theater devices in cabinets or hard to access areas because you find them unsightly, you might have trouble using the remote control because of how infrared works. With infrared, the remote control has to be in the line of sight of the receiver in order to function, so if you have a Blu-ray player hidden away in a shelf somewhere, or behind […]

Onkyo BD-SP809 is a box that plays it all
Home theaters are quite different from what they used to be back in the day. Instead of having to deal with just one type of medium for your media, consumers now have so many different choices where to get their entertainment from. While in the past this meant the need to purchase multiple players, it looks like we won’t have to anymore.

ACOUZTIC flashlight keeps you entertained and safe on your bicycle
Cycling is a fun sport, but it can sometimes get a bit boring especially when you’re doing it all by yourself. Music can help solve that problem, but listening to music on earphones can be dangerous – you fail to hear other ambient road noises, incoming traffic, and your spatial awareness is reduced. Xceon recognizes this problem and has introduced the ACOUZTIC: a flashlight with MP3 player.


INSONO: the location-based MP3 player
The great thing about music is that there are just so many different kinds of music available. Different musicians from different parts of the world all come up with their own styles of music. In fact, you don’t even have to go to different countries to listen to different songs – a walk down different neighborhoods in the same city can already be so different. And that’s how the idea […]

Fede Music for Android looks like Windows Phone 7's music player
Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI is a pretty good looking interface, though it might be too minimalistic for some people’s tastes but one thing is for certain – it doesn’t look like any other stock (because Android can be modified to look like it) mobile operating system available right now. Well for those of you who love WP7’s interface but are invested in an Android phone and don’t feel the […]

Panasonic Blu-ray 3D Disc players come with free AVATAR (3D)
If you’ve always wanted to invest in a Blu-ray 3D Disc player, what better ways to kick start your 3D Blu-ray Disc collection than purchasing a 3D Blu-ray player that comes with a free 3D Blu-ray disc? Panasonic has announced that they will be giving out the 3D edition of James Cameron’s blockbuster: AVATAR with every purchase of their select Blu-ray 3D Disc players or 3D Home Theater Systems. What’s […]

TDK Sound Cube: a box full of music
It looks like TDK is really intent on bringing back the old school to today’s modern world. Following up their Boombox from last week, they’ve gone ahead and released a new addition to their Life on Record audio series. This 9.8″ cube has two 5-1/4″ full-range coax drivers and the other two sides are unfortunately only passive reflectors that look like speakers. And if you haven’t figured out by now, […]

TDK Boomboxes to bring you back to the 80s
 If you were a kid growing up in the late 70s and 80s, you would have been part of the boombox generation, and probably owned one or two yourself. Well boomboxes aren’t too common anymore, due to the fact that people stopped listening to cassettes and blasting music out in public is considered more of a nuisance than anything. Well TDK has plans to bring you back into that era […]

Amazon reported to be in negotiations for Cloud Player licenses
After launching without the consent of record labels, Amazon has decided to get its legal issues in order and has been reported to taking steps to obtain the needed licenses for Cloud Player. Due to their gung-ho actions, they’ve managed to become the first big name player in the cloud music industry, stepping ahead of Apple and Google. While they might be facing lawsuits or heavy fines if things don’t […]

Apparently the iPod Classic won't be discontinued
There were speculations floating around hinting that Apple would be discontinuing the iPod classic – one of the few remaining direct descendants of the iPod (which you could say was the MP3 player that changed everything). Apple used to introduce a new model every year except for the past couple of years, leaving the iPod Classic unchanged since 2009. Since the MP3 player has been considered a classic, Apple probably […]

Samsung Galaxy Player officially announced
The Samsung Galaxy Player that was first unveiled at CES 2011 in January has been officially announced today. The Samsung Galaxy Players are basically Galaxy S phones – minus the phone capabilities. It runs on Android, supports various multimedia formats natively thus eliminating the need to transcode or convert files before playback. This means that you’ll be able to drag and drop video content in formats such as DivX, Xvid, […]

Microsoft: Zune's not dead
Yesterday we wrote about a report stating the death of the Zune music player. Turns out it was just a rumor, and Zune is here to stay. According to an announcement from Dave McLauchlan, head of business development for the Zune platform, Zune isn’t going anywhere. While it’s true that they haven’t announced a new Zune player for quite some time now, they’ve decided to focus on pushing out the […]

RIP: Zune music player
Bad news for Zune fans: the Zune music player will no longer be updated, according to reports from Bloomberg. Microsoft has decided to throw the towel in for the music player market and discontinue the Zune line. Not surprising, considering that Apple’s iPod dominates it with 77% of the market share, and it doesn’t look like the iPod will be dying anytime soon either. However, with Zune living on through […]

Use Skype on your new Panasonic VIERA Cast Blu-ray player
It looks like we have one more device to add to Skype’s ever expanding list of devices that can use the VoIP software. Panasonic has just announced that their brand new VIERA Cast Blu-ray players will have the ability to make voice and video calls over Skype. All users have to do is press the dedicated Skype button on the remote control to launch Skype. Video and voice calls will […]

The JVC RD-R2 is the musician’s stereo
JVC has just announced the RD-R2 – a portable stereo designed with the musician in mind. What’s so special about this device is that it is has been specially designed for musicians to record and listen to their music to see how they did in rehearsal. The RD-R2 (almost R2-D2 eh?) comes with stereo mics, input jacks and a microSD/SDHC card reader for you to record/playback your music. In addition […]

The Marantz NA7004 player does everything but play CDs
We all knew that CDs are a dying format, but we didn’t think that manufacturers would start removing it from their players so soon. Marantz’s latest audio player, the NA7004 has a plethora of features and options for you to play a large variety of different formats but it won’t play your favorite CDs (if they are in CD form). Which isn’t a problem since you probably have it converted […]

Kenwood MG-G508 – just another portable music player
Kenwood has just announced the launch of their MG-G508 portable music player in Japan today. These sweet rugged looking devices look pretty interesting, especially with their striking colors contrasted against the black border and bezel around the screen. Though they won’t be taking over the place of the iPod touch that you own right now, these players do what they’re meant to do – which is play music. If you […]

Sound Egg lets you enjoy your music and movies in peace
Don’t you just get annoyed when you’re watching a movie and suddenly other people walk into the room and talk loudly, distracting you from the best parts? Here’s where the Sound Egg comes in. This invention that’s been around since the late 60s has been updated to suit today’s lifestyles. The Sound Egg is basically an egg-shaped chair that is fitted with a full surround sound system. To top it […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G50 Preview
[CES 2011] Apple might be a juggernaut in the “music player” business, but Samsung and other CE manufacturers now have a stable Android platform to work with. The Galaxy Player YP-G50 is an entry-level Android device that is basically a personal digital assistant, and is also a media player. Take a Galaxy Android phone, remove the wireless radio and associated hardware (leave WIFI) and you get a Galaxy player. You […]