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Apple and SFPD cooperating to locate missing iPhone prototype
Remember the missing iPhone 5 prototype that supposedly went missing at a bar? Well, we received word that Apple investigators impersonated San Francisco police officers in their own effort to track down the missing prototype, which could be a serious crime if it was true. Well, hopefully all’s well that ends well, with the SFPD having admitted to cooperating with Apple in order to find the still missing prototype.

German police use Facebook to help solve crimes
Who said Facebook was only good for wasting time? According to the latest reports, it looks like the social network is also aiding the police when it comes to solving crimes in the country of Germany. Six months ago, the Hanover police force set up a Facebook account with appeals to the public to provide any helpful information that could aid them with their cases. And as of today, the […]

Fingerprints can reveal more than just your identity
If you thought leaving your fingerprints behind at the scene of a crime was a bad idea – you’re right, and it’s about to get worse. Some researchers at the Sheffield Hallam University have developed a way to capture fingerprints that can identify substances touched and secretions from a person’s body. With this information, investigators can find out more about a suspect’s actions and habits. This is especially useful for […]

Police to get an iPhone add-on that will be able to take photos and cross-check for criminal history
Folks who are extremely particular when it comes to their privacy, will probably be really upset to hear that the police will now be getting an iPhone add-on that will allow photos of people to be taken, and then cross-checked against a police database.


Elite UK Police Agency Hit By LulzSec
Yesterday the hacker group LulzSec announced that they have teamed up with hacktivists Anonymous to bring down government and banking websites and it looks like they have kept true to their word in a tweet saying “Tango down – – in the name of #AntiSec”.For those who are wondering the website in question belongs to the UK’s elite police force, the Serious Organised Crime Agency got taken offline in […]

LAPD Chevy Caprice ensures that suspects don't getaway
The LAPD has just received a new car to add to its arsenal and man it is chockfull of technology. The Chevrolet Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle) is full of the latest gadgets that help police track suspects, while it is well built internally to make sure cops drive comfortably as well. Even suspects in the rear get cutouts to accommodate their hands if they’ve got cuffs on.The car packs […]

Cops use a bugged Xbox game to catch a killer
Back in 2009, a boy was suspected of murdering another 16 year old girl by shooting her with a rifle in a group confrontation. However authorities couldn’t arrest the boy on suspicion alone, so in order to warrant an arrest, the police needed to link the boy to the murder. Recently, they enlisted the help of his uncle who agreed to turn in his nephew to get his drink and […]

Easy Cellphone Hacking, For Cops Only
Called UFED for Universal Forensic Extraction Device, this device lets police officers and other law-enforcement personnel  snoop into a cellphone to very quickly (in minutes) extract key information like messages, contacts, photos, call history etc…  It also gets deleted files or hidden files that could contain interesting information.The manufacturer even says that the next version will bypass the simple password of Android and iOS as if it wasn’t there. That’s […]

Software designed to match mug shots with police sketches
Whenever a witness or victim is asked to identify a criminal, there’s always a chance for a slip up or inaccurate call. After all human beings are forgetful creatures, and especially after a stressful incident or when there’s a time period between the crime and the date of identification, details become hazy and sometimes forgotten. Well, over at the Michigan State University, they’ve developed a program to solve this problem. […]

Computer Glitch Sketches Burglary Suspect With Green Hair
Police in Hampshire, England are asking citizens to be on the lookout for a suspected burglar that doesn’t sport neon-green hair. If that sounds weird to you, the picture to the right probably just makes you wonder what’s going on. Turns out that the software that the police used to generate the E-FIT (Electronic Facial Identification Technique) ran into a little glitch and caused the image of the suspect to come […]

Police To Use iPhone Face Recognition Software To Identify Criminals
 Seems like even the police are big fans of Apple’s iPhone, as word is out that police in Brockton, Massachusetts are using iPhones to help make their jobs easier. The iPhone is equipped with a facial recognition system, dubbed MORIS, that allows the police to snap a picture of the person, which is sent back and compared against a database of bad guys that the state is currently compiling, finding […]

Burglars GPS-tracked via stolen iPhone
Three teenage burglars were arrested after they were tracked by the Police, thanks to an iPhone GPS tracking application installed on a device that they had stolen earlier by John Martig (one of the theft victims). The trio were part of a small group that specialized in targeting houses with open doors or Windows. Why would anyone leave doors and Windows open before going to sleep is another topic, but […]