Articles about police (page 2)

Warrantless GPS tracking violates your privacy rights [Supreme Court]
UK police face the sack over Facebook misdemeanors
UK police to trial laser gun designed to handle riots
Algorithm sniffs out graffiti artists
Modern Warfare 3 gets pirated, Activision dishes out fines of $5,000
Nissan GT-R is an undercover police car
Fake iPhone ring busted by Chinese police
Police get gyroplane to hunt down the bad guys
Apple and SFPD cooperating to locate missing iPhone prototype
German police use Facebook to help solve crimes
Fingerprints can reveal more than just your identity
Police to get an iPhone add-on that will be able to take photos and cross-check for criminal history
Elite UK Police Agency Hit By LulzSec
LAPD Chevy Caprice ensures that suspects don't getaway
Cops use a bugged Xbox game to catch a killer
Easy Cellphone Hacking, For Cops Only
Software designed to match mug shots with police sketches
Computer Glitch Sketches Burglary Suspect With Green Hair
Police To Use iPhone Face Recognition Software To Identify Criminals
Burglars GPS-tracked via stolen iPhone