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Chinese Man Calls Police On Himself To Help Fight Internet Addiction
We’re sure the man who has been spending the last six years at an Internet cafe can be considered a person who is addicted to not only the Internet, but games itself as he spends the majority of his waking moments at the cafe. But until he admits he has a problem, he’ll just continue living his life at the Internet cafe. That is, unless he one day becomes so […]

Man Arrested For Shooting At Police Robot
Shooting at the police is never the brightest idea in the world, considering how the police have the kind of tactical training and firepower to bring you down with deadly prejudice. Thing is, what happens when you let loose some bullets in the direction of a police robot? Well, you get arrested, as what could very well be the precedent was set in Ohio last month where a heavily armed […]

DNA Bullet Marks Suspects For Arrest
SelectDNA, a UK company, has created a non-lethal high-velocity projectile that will leave a DNA marker on a suspect so that he or she can be identified at a later time. At first, it may sound like the projectile marks the suspect’s DNA, but that’s not the case. It’s just that the marker has a DNA nature to make sure that it is unique. That’s not the case for color […]

New York Police Department Looks To The Internet For Answers
It is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than to fix the bad thing once it has happened. The New York Police Department is on a quest to figure out ways to identify potential “deranged” gunmen on the Internet, in an effort to avoid hapless events, such as the tragic Connecticut school shooting, where in 26 people were killed, mostly children.


Open Home WiFi Access Led to SWAT Raid on Innocent Family Home
In Evansville, Indiana, a Police SWAT team has executed a search warrant on a home in full tactical gears. The reason: threats perpetrated against local Police forces over the internet, threatening the officers lives, their family, including the mention of home-made bombs. The Police needed no more to quickly find what Internet address was used to send the threats, and what physical address it was linked to.But when they executed […]

Radio Tactics' ACESO Kiosk mobile data extraction to be used by London Police
The Metropolitan Police, the police force responsible for Greater London, has announced that it will begin using a mobile device data extraction system that will give its officers the ability to extract data from a mobile device in a matter of minutes. The said system will use Radio Tactics’ ACESO Kiosk, a touchscreen device that will be deployed in the city. According to Radio Tactics, the ACESO Kiosk has the […]

Warrantless GPS tracking violates your privacy rights [Supreme Court]
You may think that law enforcement agencies could not plant a GPS tracker to a car without a warrant, but many people have woke up to the fact that until now, it was a growing practice, thanks to the falling prices of GPS devices. The Supreme Court has ruled that warrantless GPS tracking was unconstitutional and this extends to the position tracking of mobile devices as well (via the cell-tower […]

UK police face the sack over Facebook misdemeanors
The long arm of the law is not always right, as some 150 English and Welsh police were disciplined due to their unbecoming personas over on Facebook over the course of the past four years, with at least a couple of them facing the sack, while another seven have already resigned due to their foolishness with their social network profile. These figures and background data were made available to the […]

UK police to trial laser gun designed to handle riots
With the riots in the UK still fresh in everyone’s minds, it seems that there has been some examination to the methods, tools and tactics employed by the police to handle riots of that scale. So much so that a new laser has been developed which the police are set to test that can temporarily blind people.

Algorithm sniffs out graffiti artists
Gangs tend to mark their territory with graffiti, as well as leave signs to communicate with those in the loop about drug deals, and the police are left scratching their heads as they work on deciphering those “messages”. Well, the long arm of the law has just received a brand new ally in the form of an automated graffiti-identification system that might actually be able to figure out who the […]

Modern Warfare 3 gets pirated, Activision dishes out fines of $5,000
With Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 expected to be released on the 8th of November, it seems that there are reports that some of the discs have been stolen from its shipping warehouse in Fresno, California and has already been making its way around the internet as well as being delivered to some users’ homes as pirated discs.

Nissan GT-R is an undercover police car
If there was ever a good time to be an undercover police officer, it would be now. How so, you ask? Well for starters it looks like the car you’ll be given to drive would be that of the Nissan GT-R, according to EVI (Emergency Vehicle Installations) who was commissioned to deck out the car with the necessary equipment.

Fake iPhone ring busted by Chinese police
It looks like the long arm of the law has finally caught up with China’s counterfeit iPhone outfit, with five suspects being arrested in Shanghai’s finest. The five were accused of being part of a complex iPhone counterfeiting outfit which actually relied on genuine parts in order to construct and sell fake iPhones to the unsuspecting masses (or those who cannot resist a deal that is too good to be […]

Police get gyroplane to hunt down the bad guys
You might think you have fast and furious skills behind the wheel to get away from a heist alongside cops in cars, but don’t forget that the cops have a network of policemen all over the country, and they can organize road blocks in addition to calling in firepower from the air to hunt down an escaping car. What you see above is America’s first police gyroplane – and while […]