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Invisiplug Helps Hide Your Power Strip With Wood Grain Patterns
One of the biggest challenges any adult can face in their lifetime is how best to hide their power strips that they have sprinkled all over their home. Being able to suck power out of your wall for more than just two devices is a necessity these days, but power strips can certainly be an eye sore, especially if you have hardwood floors. We guess that’s why the Invisiplug was […]

Ubiquitous iRemoTap lets you control turn off your devices remotely
Ubiquitous, recently demonstrated the iRemoTap at the Embedded Systems Expo – a smart power strip that has a WiFi connection which allows users to monitor and control the power usage on their laptops or mobile devices. Working just like a regular power strip, all users have to do is plug their devices in that they need powered on.Users then have the option to monitor the power consumption of their devices […]

Fujitsu power strip and gateway lets you monitor your power consumption
If you’re paranoid about which devices in your house are drawing the most power, you might need an energy consumption monitor to keep an eye on things. Fujitsu recognizes the need for such devices and has recently introduced two new items that help to take care of such problems – a power strip FX-5204PS and a gateway FX-5250GW. These power strips and gateways function just like their regular counterparts, except […]

Single Hand Socket Strip for easy access
How many times have you tried to yank out plugs from hard-to-reach places with difficulty? Well, perhaps this rather interesting Single Hand Socket Strip might change things a bit – assuming it makes the transition from concept to reality, of course. This power strip comes with a unique tab which enables you to pull plugs single handedly without actually damaging either the head or wire – now how about that […]


Chain Power Strip concept
Designers out there seem fascinated with the common household power socket and seem to be continually trying to improve on it, and we’re not going to complain about that. Now the concept Chain Power Strip is a modular power strip that makes it easy to accommodate bigger power adapters and can also support USB charging ports. The flexible design of this power strip probably means that it’s easier to hide […]

Rotating 360 Degrees colorful power strip
We’ve all been through the nightmare of trying to plug various power plugs into the power strip, only to tear our hair out in frustration when they block each other out or there aren’t enough ports to accommodate your gear. The Rotating 360 Degrees is a multi-outlet socket system that might be able to solve your woes. It allows you to add additional sockets to the strip, similar to how […]

HiSAVER power strip helps save energy when you're not around
Who would have thought the day would come when a simple power strip would actually come with an embedded motion sensor? That’s what we’re talking about with the motion-sensor equipped HiSAVER power strip, where it will cut off power automatically the moment you leave the room. In order to prevent the HiSAVER from going nuts, it will just shut down its power if no motion is detected for ten minutes, […]

Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip
The folks over at Wet Circuits have come up with a rather interesting waterproof power strip that sports a patented design, along with a special protective material that minimizes the flow of electricity when it comes into contact with water, protecting you from those nasty electrical shocks when water is accidentally spilled on it. While we don’t suggest you try it, the claim is that it can be submerged underwater […]

Quirky Flexible Pivot Power Strip
Do you ever encounter situations where the power adapters on your power strip interfere with each other, as they’re too bulky, blocking out the other power outlets? If so, you’ll be interested in the Pivot Power from Quirky, which is a power strip that features a unique flexible outlet system, which each individual outlet can be rotated in order to maximize the space for other adapters. It’s not up for […]

ezGear Surge2Go portable power strip
Traveling can be a pretty calculative business, what with airlines charging you for every single facility you used to take for granted all those years ago, especially additional luggage. Well, make sure you pack well with the ezGear Surge2Go portable power strip that provides you with a trio of outlets alongside enough space from each other to accommodate larger plugs. To sweeten the deal, a built-in surge protector shields your […]

Multi-Tab Power Strip concept
The Multi-Tab Power Strip concept certainly helps you save in more ways than one – after all, you purchase the number of outlets that you want to use (or need), while a pictogram and energy efficient LED lights help you keep track of all devices connected to it. Unwanted tabs as well as sockets can be detached in a snap thanks to a tug on the respective tab. Well, we’re […]

NEC green power strip
NEC has a heart for the future with their new power strip that boasts an integrated processor and sensor, working in tandem with a remote control that is said to reduce power consumption by up to 15% and above. Dubbed the Green Tap, it comes with a quartet of outlets and can be used in both offices and at home. Targeting all kinds of electrical appliances, the Green Tap will […]

Charge4All folding power strip
Frequent travelers will probably notice that most hotels and places of accommodations seem to lack enough power outlets, making the Charge4All folding power strip a useful tool to have. This power strip comes with a range of adapters that cater for multiple electronic devices, and is highly portable since it can zip up into a folding case. The Charge4All is going for $49.95 and chances are you won’t regret picking […]