One of the biggest challenges any adult can face in their lifetime is how best to hide their power strips that they have sprinkled all over their home. Being able to suck power out of your wall for more than just two devices is a necessity these days, but power strips can certainly be an eye sore, especially if you have hardwood floors. We guess that’s why the Invisiplug was conceived.

The Invisiplug is a standard 6-port power strip, but instead of coming in a disgusting grey color, it comes in a number of realistic wood grain patterns. We emphasize these are patterns and not power strips that are made out of wood, which could certainly be cause for concern due to its potential to be a fire hazard. The Invisiplug is available in three different shades of wood grain patterns, making it a little bit easier to match with your hardwood floors.

If you happen to not have hardwood floors and decide to pick up an Invisiplug, then we could only hope you have a very good reason for doing so as we’re sure these things would stick out even more so in a home that has carpeting or another type of flooring.

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