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Harness The Power Of Fire To Recharge Your Phone With FlameStower
Recharging your smartphone or tablet while you’re out and about can be quite challenging, although if you have a backup battery pack with you, things tend to be a little easier. But what if your backup battery runs out while you’re out in the wilderness with nothing on you besides a pair of tighty-whities, a lighter and a smartphone with a dead battery? Then you better hope you find a […]

Innergie PocketCell for power on the go
[CES 2012] Take a look at your pockets and backpack – how many devices do you own that come with their very own charger? Surely you have at least a couple, and the more you have, obviously it will be more difficult to keep track of just which device is on a full tank, while others are running on empty. To make sure you continue the Boy Scout mentality of […]

Concept Folding Plug makes it hard to accidentally disconnect electronics
Don’t you just hate it when you’re shifting your table or furniture in the room, and you accidentally knock the switch of your computer, which causes it to disconnect and shut it down, taking along with it all your work (that you inconveniently forgot to save)? So did a group of designers who decided to do something about it. Called the Folding Plug, this specially designed plug is meant to […]

Wattbike measures how much power you generate during cycling
If you’ve always wondered about how much power you produce whenever you’re cycling, you won’t have to wonder anymore. (In case you were wondering, cyclists do measure their power output as a way to compare their skills and to measure their growth and progress as an athlete.) Unfortunately, most bikes don’t have the capability to accurately measure how much power a cyclist produces during a bike ride.Well, the folks over […]


Coffee Cup Power Inverter juices up your mobile devices in the car
An AC outlet in the car is always handy to have around but most of them look unsightly and make the car appear messier than it really is, especially when not in use. Well the folks over at ThinkGeek have come up with a solution to the problem – by disguising a power inverter as a coffee cup. The Coffee Cup Power Inverter plugs in to your car’s cigarette lighter […]

Game Boy Color revived from the dead by the power of the sun
A modder breathed new life into his dog-chewed Game Boy Color by blessing it with eternal life – as long as the sun shines of course. He ripped apart a solar powered garden lamp, took the solar panel from it and attached it to his Game Boy Color, hooked it up to the battery port in the device and managed to get it to recharge the self-provided rechargeable batteries on […]

Cincinnati Zoo uses solar panels to go greener
In an attempt to go even greener, the Cincinnati Zoo has recently installed a large array of solar panels to feed electricity to the zoo. The installation consists of over 6,400 solar panels over the zoo’s carpark, covering 800/1,000 parking spots and sits 15 to 18 feet high. Touted as the country’s largest and most publicly accessible solar-power system, it was also designed to increase awareness towards solar energy for […]

Wysips solar film technology gives your cellphones some extra juice
We recently covered a new patented technology for solar touchscreen frames from Greendix, and it looks like some folks in France have a similar idea. A French startup called “Wysips” showed off a special solar film during the CTIA. The solar film works like regular solar panels, except that this time, they’re transparent, and sit right on top of your phone’s display. This allows it to absorb sunlight whenever it […]

Fujitsu power strip and gateway lets you monitor your power consumption
If you’re paranoid about which devices in your house are drawing the most power, you might need an energy consumption monitor to keep an eye on things. Fujitsu recognizes the need for such devices and has recently introduced two new items that help to take care of such problems – a power strip FX-5204PS and a gateway FX-5250GW. These power strips and gateways function just like their regular counterparts, except […]

3D Solar cells will make solar energy efficient
Solar energy – a renewable energy source that hasn’t been too popular due to its low efficiency and high cost of implementation. And that’s because of our current solar panel designs – they just don’t trap the sunlight well enough. Up to 30% of incident sunlight is reflected off the surface of conventional cells themselves. Solar3D Inc, a startup focused on solar energy has designed the solar cells of the […]

Ring Socket power plug features a built-in timer
Designers out there are constantly trying to improve on existing products, and that’s always good news for the consumer. Next up is the Ring Socket concept that is designed to feature a built-in timer. Instead of leaving your electronics on all the time, this socket allows you to set the timer for a pre-determined hour and when the time is up, the socket shuts itself off, helping you skimp on […]

Rotating 360 Degrees colorful power strip
We’ve all been through the nightmare of trying to plug various power plugs into the power strip, only to tear our hair out in frustration when they block each other out or there aren’t enough ports to accommodate your gear. The Rotating 360 Degrees is a multi-outlet socket system that might be able to solve your woes. It allows you to add additional sockets to the strip, similar to how […]

Cellphone Charger With USB Nanogenerator Concept Keeps Devices Juiced
We’ve seen similar concepts before, but until such technology becomes commonplace, we’re still excited every time someone comes up with such a design. We’re talking about this kinetic charger that has been integrated into a pair of shoes, which allows you to hook your device up via USB cable, and the integrated nanogeneration system will begin to juice your device’s battery when you walk or enjoy any kind of sports. […]

Quirky Flexible Pivot Power Strip
Do you ever encounter situations where the power adapters on your power strip interfere with each other, as they’re too bulky, blocking out the other power outlets? If so, you’ll be interested in the Pivot Power from Quirky, which is a power strip that features a unique flexible outlet system, which each individual outlet can be rotated in order to maximize the space for other adapters. It’s not up for […]