Folding Plug

Don’t you just hate it when you’re shifting your table or furniture in the room, and you accidentally knock the switch of your computer, which causes it to disconnect and shut it down, taking along with it all your work (that you inconveniently forgot to save)? So did a group of designers who decided to do something about it. Called the Folding Plug, this specially designed plug is meant to get rid of those troubles.

The folding plug acts just like a regular plug, except that it doesn’t stick out of the power socket when it is in use. Making use of a standard 2-pin connector, the plug fits into our regular wall sockets. The only difference is  you have to flip it downwards to turn it on. A handy red strip indicates that the plug turned on, so you can tell if a device is on from afar, if your wall sockets don’t have any light indicators to do the job.

How would folding the plug down prevent it from being accidentally disconnected? Well, instead of sticking out a few inches from the wall, the folding plug only takes 1cm of space when it is turned on. This means that it won’t be easily dislodged from the power socket before it is turned off (flipped up). A simple but effective idea that lets us save space, and helps prevent accidental disconnects as well. No word if it’ll ever make it out of the concept stage, but we’ll love to see it on sale.

Folding Plug

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