If you’ve always wondered about how much power you produce whenever you’re cycling, you won’t have to wonder anymore. (In case you were wondering, cyclists do measure their power output as a way to compare their skills and to measure their growth and progress as an athlete.) Unfortunately, most bikes don’t have the capability to accurately measure how much power a cyclist produces during a bike ride.Well, the folks over at Wattbike have decided to come up with a bicycle to solve such problems.Endorsed by British Cycling and said to be used by UK and European elite athletics, sports bodies and professional teams, the Wattbike is said to be able to recreate the sensation of a “real” cycling experience. Cyclists get to train harder as well too, with the ability to measure how much power they are actually producing – which gives them numbers they can work with.
The Wattbike is also said to be capable of recording pretty much everything. How much you’ve been cycling, your heart rate, and even data that when used with the PC app will let you know how well you’ve been performing. And because you’re cycling indoors it also means you won’t have to deal with the hassles of traffic or pedestrians, which is plus.

The Wattbike is available in both Trainer and Pro versions, depending on your preferences (Pro version is set to be harder) and with a price tag of $2,995. Head over to the Wattbike website for more info or purchasing details.

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