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webOS 2.2.4 update rolling out to Pre 2 phones
Even though HP has decided to stop producing webOS devices, it looks like the company is still going to fully support the operating system (though for how long we can’t say). It has been reported that Pre 2 owners have started receiving a new webOS update from HP. The update brings the phone’s operating system up to webOS 2.2.4 and includes a number of upgrades as well.It introduces Skype voice […]

Palm Pre 2 owners receive webOS 2.1
webOS 3.0 might be arriving just around the corner, but it looks like HP isn’t going to be neglecting their current webOS customers. It has been reported that the webOS 2.1 update has started rolling out to Pre 2 phones worldwide. At the moment it’s only the unlocked GSM phones that are getting the update but we can be sure a CDMA version will drop soon. The webOS 2.1 update […]

Palm Pre 2 pre-orders benefit from free 5GB Hotspot
In what many people deem to be a rather strange move, announcing the Palm Pre 3 right before the Pre 2 is available, perhaps there is still some redemption story here which we could look at. Apparently, pre-orders of the Pre sequel will cost you $100 with a contract, where Verizon’s offer will also boast the inclusion of its Mobile Hotspot feature that will not cost you a single penny […]

Verizon Palm Pre 2 has a release date
After making its debut in Europe a couple of months ago, it looks like we’ll finally see this webOS 2.0 phone on our shores. According to a screenshot posted on, the Verizon Palm Pre 2 product page has been spotted and it lists the Palm Pre 2 as having a February 17 launch date and it will go for $100 with a 2-year contract. It’s been so long since […]


Verizon Palm Pre 2 surfaces on eBay briefly
Are you still patiently waiting for a CDMA Palm Pre 2 to hit Verizon? Well, there might be hope yet as a Palm Pre 2 running on Verizon mysteriously appeared on an eBay auction, initially touted as the Palm Pre Plus. The seller subsequently found out what he had on his hands and promptly pulled the device from the auction. The fact that it was auctioned as a Palm Pre […]

Palm Pre 2 official ad comes on
If you’re a die hard Palm fan and cannot believe your eyes that Palm’s line of Pre devices aren’t exactly burning up the sales charts, fret not. The webOS 2.0-powered Palm Pre 2 has just had its official advertisement released, otherwise known as Sizzle, with the ad also making its way to YouTube as well (who wouldn’t expect that?) which you can watch in the extended post. This ad will […]

Palm P102UEU arrives on FCC, could be European Pre 2
There is a very high chance of the Palm P102UEU which is currently running through the gauntlet over at the FCC being the European version of the Pre 2. Why do we say so? Well, in the world of Palm, “P102” would refer to the model, which is why we think it has a pretty good chance of being the rumored Pre 2, whereas the “UEU” bit would translate to […]

Could this be the Palm Pre successor on Verizon?
There are whispers that Verizon Wireless will be offering the successor to the Palm Pre by the time October rolls around, but apart from mere murmurs, nothing else concrete has been laid out. Could it have something to do with a shortage of stock online, or how about the possibly faked “Roadrunner” which is powered by webOS 2.0 that appeared in an app log last week? It is really a […]