Palm P102UEU arrives on FCC, could be European Pre 2

There is a very high chance of the Palm P102UEU which is currently running through the gauntlet over at the FCC being the European version of the Pre 2. Why do we say so? Well, in the world of Palm, “P102” would refer to the model, which is why we think it has a pretty good chance of being the rumored Pre 2, whereas the “UEU” bit would translate to it being an UMTS 3G device that will fulfill its destiny in the EU. After all, if we take past naming patterns, the P102UNA and P102EWW (North American UMTS and CDMA) were recently spotted, so stay tuned for something exciting from Palm. It might not bring the company back to its zenith, but there could be a redeeming situation here.

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