BBM MusicCan’t wait for BBM Music to arrive? Well, over at the official BlackBerry Blog, they recently gave an in-depth preview of the upcoming social music service, and revealed more about it. In case you missed our announcement of BBM Music last week, BBM Music is basically a social service where people setup a musical profile of 50 songs (as their music DNA). These songs can be streamed or downloaded onto the users’ BlackBerry phones, and in turn, they can share the music they have with any of their BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) friends.


So, the more BBM friends you have – the more songs you’ll be able to listen to using the service – assuming everyone on your friend list has different tastes and you guys don’t end up sharing the same music! BBM Music lets users see what their friends are listening to at the moment, and they can even comment on each other’s choices in music.

If you see a new song you like, and you want to add it to your 50-song playlist, BBM Music will even check to see if any of your friends have it, so you don’t have to waste one of your slots if you want to listen to that song. The app/service will also recommend songs to you based on your interests, and picks from the BBM Music team. And if there’s a song you really want to listen to on devices other than your BlackBerry, the app also points you towards Amazon’s MP3 store for a convenient method of purchasing music.

Head over to the Official BlackBerry Blog to read up more about BBM Music.

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