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Verizon Slashes Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Before Galaxy S4 Announcement
We already saw the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 drop on AT&T earlier this month in preparation of the Galaxy S4’s launch, but today, we’re seeing another wireless carrier in the U.S. announce it has started to drop the price of the smartphone as well.Verizon Wireless has now also dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to $99 with a two-year contract, which we suspect is due to […]

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Sparks Galaxy S3 Price Drop
With the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, you would expect all previous versions of the device to start dropping in price, giving those who want to experience Galaxy S devices for discount prices. That’s exactly what’s going on this week as AT&T has just officially dropped the price of its Samsung Galaxy S3.The Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T will now retail for $99.99 with a two-year contract, which […]

Logitech Revue now priced at $99.99
If you were always keen on trying out Google TV but were turned off by the high price of purchasing the Logitech Revue, despite its price drop not too long ago, you’ll be pleased to know that the TV set top box is about to get even cheaper. Logitech has announced yet another price cut for the Revue.

Nintendo 3DS price drop touches $169.99
You know that a price drop can only mean one thing – to boost up sales of that particular device (or console, in this case). Official word has it that Nintendo will slash the price of their Nintendo 3DS to just $169.99 – which is a massive drop from the lofty $249.99 (33%!) perch. Other regions will also receive a similar percentage drop in their local currency. For those who […]


Nintendo DS Lite price drops to $99
It makes perfect sense for older consumer electronics devices drop in price after some time with newer models in the pipeline or already on store shelves. The Nintendo DS Lite is no different, and it has been a faithful money making servant of Nintendo for many years already. From June 5th onwards, expect the DS Lite’s price to drop to a mere $99.99, so those who placed an order yesterday […]

Sold state drives predicted to break out in 2012
In the world of high-end computing where speed matters the most, solid state drives (SSD) are the best option for blazing fast performance. SSDs are smaller, faster, and more power-efficient than hard drives. But like all technology, it comes with a tradeoff: SSDs are very expensive. At the moment, SSDs cost about $1.50 per gigabyte in low capacity drives with sky-high prices for larger drives.However, according to a recently published […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab drops price down to $250
Could this be a pre-Honeycomb inventory dump? Perhaps, considering T-Mobile has slashed the Samsung Galaxy Tab price down to $250 which is at its cheapest to date. T-Mobile is offering the tablet device directly, but at that price point, it will be accompanied by a 2-year agreement, which makes you locked into it while you miss the range of Gingerbread tablets which are set to light up the world this […]

PSPgo Price Reduced To $199 In The US
The PSPgo was previously rumored to be headed for a price drop and now the news is finally official. Sony has confirmed that it will be slashing the price of the PSPgo portable game console from $249 to $199 in the US, and from 26,800 Yen in Japan to 16,800 Yen. The PSPgo was launched about a year back and this price cut comes just in time for the holiday […]

Verizon To Drop Prices Of Selected Phones On Monday
Verizon subscribers who are in the mood for purchasing a new phone might want to check out if there are any cool deals on Monday, as word is going around that the carrier is planning to put up a sale on selected devices on June 28th. While it doesn’t seem like the sale will involve heavy hitters like the Droid Incredible or Droid X, it should include the: