Samsung SSD

In the world of high-end computing where speed matters the most, solid state drives (SSD) are the best option for blazing fast performance. SSDs are smaller, faster, and more power-efficient than hard drives. But like all technology, it comes with a tradeoff: SSDs are very expensive. At the moment, SSDs cost about $1.50 per gigabyte in low capacity drives with sky-high prices for larger drives.

However, according to a recently published report from research firm, Gartner, they predict that the price of SSDs will decline this year and continue to drop next year due to an increase in demand. And as manufacturers add capacity to meet this demand, prices will be reduced. SSD prices are predicted to drop to about $1 per Gigabyte by the 2nd half of 2012. While it’s still expensive at that price, it’s a whole lot more affordable then what we would pay right now.

If Gartner is right, we can expect a lot more regular consumers investing in these drives. Consumers looking to build a low-end computer will probably stick to regular spinning hard drives (which should be even cheaper next year) until they become obsolete in the future. How many of you have started using SSD drives in your computers this year? How low do you think SSD prices have to be before they’re adopted by everybody?

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