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Internet Companies Deny Knowing PRISM Program
Honesty is the best policy, but do these companies allegedly affected by NSA's PRISM program concur?

T-Mobile to launch Huawei Prism come 6th May?
While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty much the phone that the majority are waiting for at the moment, there are just some out there who might not be able to afford such a high-end device. For those shopping on a budget or who simply don’t see the need to spend hundreds of dollars for a smartphone, an alleged T-Mobile document has been leaked giving us a possible 6th of […]

T-Mobile's Huawei Prism has its press shot leaked
Earlier today we reported that the Huawei Prism was spotted at the FCC and appeared to be headed T-Mobile’s way. Unfortunately the FCC filing only gave us an outline of the design and thanks to the good folks at TmoNews, they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be a press shot for the device which will most likely be used upon its release. We suppose it’s […]

The Prism 200c through-wall radar can help save lives
Cambridge Consultants have just launched a new addition to its Prism through-wall radar product line. Called the Prism 200c, it is a simplistic redesign of the Prism 200. It is lightweight, and can easily and covertly fit into a backpack to stay inconspicuous. All users have to do is place the through-wall radar against a wall, and the device will detect the location and movement of any people that are […]