Prism 200cCambridge Consultants have just launched a new addition to its Prism through-wall radar product line. Called the Prism 200c, it is a simplistic redesign of the Prism 200. It is lightweight, and can easily and covertly fit into a backpack to stay inconspicuous. All users have to do is place the through-wall radar against a wall, and the device will detect the location and movement of any people that are inside the room. With a 3D graphical interface, and a range of 20 meters, this easy to use device can be used to help save lives. Targeted at the military or special forces that encounter high risk and hostile situations – the knowledge provided by the through-wall radar can help them accurately judge what’s going on inside a closed building. By knowing where their enemies are hiding, they will be able to avoid walking into any ambushes and they can look for unguarded entry points into a building. Head here to check out videos of the original Prism 200.

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