Recently Sony had confirmed that they would ceasing the production of physical games for the PS Vita by the end of the fiscal year for 2018, which is basically March 2019. Given how old the PS Vita is and considering that there don’t seem to be any plans for a successor, we suppose this did not come as a surprise.

However what comes as a surprise is that the discontinuation of physical games applies to all markets save for Japan, Sony’s home turf. This was revealed during an interview with GameSpark (via Siliconera) where Sony confirmed that physical games will continue to be produced for the Japanese market.

It is unclear why Sony is choosing to keep producing physical games for Japan, but perhaps it could be the player base that prefers purchasing physical compared to digital. Also when asked if PS Vita production is expected to continue, Sony answered in the affirmative. “In Japan, users will get to continue enjoying the broad lineup of titles, and we currently plan to continue marketing activities.”

Like we said, the console has not been updated for a while and Sony had previously stated that a successor could be a long time coming (if at all), but either way it seems that we probably shouldn’t write off the PS Vita just yet.

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