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PlayStation Plus Free Games For September 2016 Confirmed
If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber the first thing you need to know is that Sony is raising the price of this subscription plan – here is everything you need to know about this hike. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the PlayStation Plus free games for September 2016 that all subscribers are entitled to as part of their subscription.

PS Vita Could Be Discontinued In North America As Well [Rumor]
If the PS Vita was doing well, we reckon Sony would be pretty excited at the idea of creating a successor that will further improve on what the currently iteration of the console is missing. Instead last we heard, Sony had no immediate plans for a PS Vita successor, and at the rate things are going, it sounds like Sony might be content to let the PS Vita die a […]

PS Vita Sales In The Netherlands Might Have Stopped [Rumor]
The Sony PS Vita is a solid effort by Sony to try and capture the handheld market, which last we checked seemed to be dominated by the Nintendo 3DS, thanks to its host of strong first-party titles and huge library. However could Sony be slowly letting the PS Vita die and fade into obscurity?

Latest PS Vita Update Seems To Be Causing Some Problems
Usually updates are something to look forward to because they tend to fix bugs, introduce improvements, and sometimes add new features as well. However it seems in the latest update issued to the Sony PS Vita, it is giving users a fair bit of trouble, according to reports from Reddit and NeoGAF, and subsequently confirmed by Kotaku.


PlayStation Store Flash Sale Offers Amazing Discounts On Games
The holidays are always a great time to purchase new consoles and games, no wonder gaming consoles are always the hottest items every holiday season. Companies that make these gaming machines then follow up with steep discounts to get people to spend more money on their platform, and PlayStation’s flash sale is certainly going to make you want to spend more money on the PS Store.

Hitman GO Coming To PS4 And PS Vita
Square Enix’s Hitman franchise is a game that involves a lot of stealth. However with Hitman GO, the company attempted something different. For those who are unfamiliar with Hitman GO, the game was released a while ago and it’s basically like a board game based around the Hitman franchise.Instead of involving guns and various weapons to take out enemies, this involves players finding their way around the map to eliminate […]

PS Plus Free Games For December 2015
Towards the end of every month Sony reveals the titles which will be offered for free to all PlayStation Plus members in the coming month. That’s one of the incentives PS Plus subscribers get, aside from the ability to play online. We’re only a few days away from December and today Sony has confirmed the PS Plus free games for December 2015.

Super Star Wars Re-Released For The PS4, PS Vita
Star Wars Battlefront is expected to be released today, and let’s not forget the highly anticipated Star Wars movie will be released next month. Now if you’re a huge Star Wars fan and you just can’t get enough of Star Wars material, you might be interested to learn that Sony will be re-releasing Super Star Wars.For those unfamiliar with the game, Super Star Wars was originally released for the Super […]

Sony Has No First-Party PS Vita Titles In The Works
In case you need more proof that the Sony PS Vita could be on its way out, a recent report from 4Gamer (via DualShockers) has revealed that the company has no first-party PS Vita titles in the works. What this means is that Sony themselves aren’t looking to develop new games for the console for now, although whether or not third-party devs will churn out games is an entirely different […]

Free PS Plus Games For October 2015 Confirmed
The wait is over for PlayStation Plus members, Sony has confirmed which games will be available to PS Plus members for free in the coming month. The new titles include a coming-of-age “heart-warming” story and one very difficult platformer according to Sony, these titles will be available to members on the first Tuesday of October. Free games are available to members on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Sony: Don’t Expect A PS Vita Successor Anytime Soon
The last time Sony announced a PS Vita was back in 2013. This was basically a refreshed/updated model that was slimmer than its predecessor, and has also largely been referred to as the PS Vita Slim. Now if you’re looking forward to a newer PS Vita, chances of that happening is pretty low.Speaking at a Q&A session at EGX 2015, SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida was quoted as saying […]

PS Vita Prototype Spotted
The PS Vita from Sony has been around for three years now, where the second year into the portable console’s life saw a redesign that resulted in the PS Vita Slim, and it does not look as though there is too much of a market for dedicated portable consoles in the near future, what with smartphones and tablets with their casual gaming mantra taking over. Well, it looks like a […]

PlayStation Now For PS Vita And PS TV Released
Sony’s cloud game streaming service PlayStation Now has been limited to the company’s consoles since it arrived and it’s currently available to users in just a handful of markets. The company is gradually expanding the service’s reach and the next step in that endeavor is to bring it to PlayStation TV and the PlayStation Vita handheld. Sony has announced today that PlayStation Now for PS Vita and PS TV has […]

PS Plus Free Games For August Bring Some Good Choices
One advantage of subscribing to PlayStation Plus is that you’re given the ability to download multiple titles for free every month, they might be old or indie titles but at least you get more bang for your buck, aside from the fact that a PS Plus subscription is required to play online. The PS Plus free games for August have been announced today and the coming month’s lineup brings some good […]