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Sony PlayStation 3 12GB Model Available Now In The U.S.
Back in September 2012 we heard about the relatively cheaper Sony PlayStation 3. The company had made a significant change. It replaced the big hard drive PS3 originally came with 12GB of flash based memory. This radically drove the price down. However, there was one caveat. Sony didn’t release this model in U.S. back then. They exclusively marketed it in Hong Kong and Europe. Now nearly a year after its […]

Monster TRON PS3 Slim Powerstation 400
Looks like even PS3 accessories aren’t spared from the TRON madness and the folks over at Monster have introduced the Monster TRON Legacy PS3 Slim Powerstation 400. This device offers Monster’s Clean Power technology, a 4-port USB smart charger and the USB ports can be used for accessories such as guitars, drum sets and more. Of course, regardless of the features, you can bet the most appealing thing about this […]

DIY PS3 Slim Laptop Up For Auction On eBay
If you wanted a portable PS3 but didn’t have the DIY skills to create one yourself, you could always purchase one off the case modders out there, and one such unit is already up for sale on eBay with a starting bid of $1099, or a Buy-It-Now price of $1,499. The console is created from the guts of a PS3 Slim, complete with a 250GB hard drive on board and […]

PS3 Slim now comes in white with 320GB hard drive
The Sony PS3 Slim has just gotten a new color, and where else but Japan will it be launched first. Of course, apart from the virginal color, Japan will no longer offer 120GB and 250GB hard drives in their PS3s, as the minimum spec now stands at 160GB, while the larger capacity version would be 320GB. These new models will arrive in the Land of the Rising Sun from July […]


XCM Cyberbot Transparent PS3 Slim Case
Clear casings, regardless of whether they’re for your desktop computer, game boy or any device, are generally cool. Now XCM’s Cyberbot case allows you to apply the same magic to your beloved PS3 Slim. Sure, it doesn’t offer any additional abilities to your PS3, but it does add some serious mojo, and the fact that you can see your Blu-ray disc spinning is a big plus point. Check out a […]

Ben Heck has new Playstation 3 Laptop
Ben Heck has done it again with a brand new Playstation 3 Laptop, where you get lovely blue accents that somewhat resemble racing stripes to turn on the style. This was made possible thanks to a PS3 Slim which has been crammed within, boasting a 17″ widescreen display as well as the ability to play video at 720p, coupled with a video out jack just in case you decide to […]

Geohot Looks To Enable Other OS Support For The PS3 3.21 Firmware
It looks like Geohot (a famous hacker) isn’t too happy that Sony will be removing Linux support from its upcoming PS3 3.21 firmware, and the person who demoed an untethered iPhone jailbreak a short while ago, is determined to do something about it. He’s planning to figure out a way to update and still retain the Other OS support, maybe by coming up with something like Hellcat’s Recovery Flasher. If […]

PS3 3.21 Firmware To Disable Linux Support For Older Models
The upcoming PS3 firmware 3.21 will be available this Thursday, which should be good news for PS3 owners, unless you happen to be running Linux on your machine. This is because the update will disable the “Install Other OS” feature, which is available on the PS3 systems prior to the current line of PS3 slim models. The reason for disabling the feature is cited as a security concern, but there […]

Leaked Picture Of Xbox 360 Slim Motherboard?
While it’s impossible to confirm the legitimacy of this picture at the moment, apparently this is a leaked picture of an upcoming model of the Xbox 360, possibly the Xbox 360 Slim (or whatever Microsoft plans to call it). This could also be the first time that the console combines both the CPU and GPU onto a single chip, not to mention the result is that the motherboard is nice […]

PS3 Slim with SSDs considered
The PS3 Slim was released with much fanfare earlier in the year, and we all know it is equipped with a hard drive within, but did you know that Sony’s engineers and designers actually considered using network-only storage or even SSDs for the PS3 Slim? How would the gaming landscape have changed if Sony forged ahead with SSDs in their PS3 revision – it would surely see prices soar and […]

PS3 Units Can Support 3D Via Firmware Update
Could be all be gaming on the PS3 in the future with 3D stereoscopic technology? Well, according to Sony, it seems like that’s what the future will be like, and your current PS3 can support it with a firmware update (we’ve seen the PS3 demo at CEATEC in Tokyo). Sony is aiming to lead the 3D market (here’s Sony’s plan) and will be offering 3D-specific tools to developers making games […]

PS3 Slim crammed into laptop
Ben Heck has turned the PS3 Slim into something different, with a 17″ Gateway 1775W display as its chassis. This on-the-go “gaming laptop” comes with enough storage space for a power cord, a front slot loading Blu-ray drive for you to insert your game discs and Blu-ray movies, and a fan grill to make sure the whole thing doesn’t overheat and brick. Ben Heck is a true modern wonder when […]

250GB PS3 Slim discovered
Not even before news of the PS3 Slim cools down, along comes word that there will be another variant of the PS3 Slim, featuring a 250GB hard drive. This was made possible by the ninjas at who uncovered the CECH-2000B on the FCC site, where it was filed undercover by a company known as Sand Dollar Enterprise, Inc. of 1518 Ascension Drive in San Mateo CA. A little bit […]

PS3 Slim, live pictures pop all over
A lot of folks are happy that Sony has released a fully featured PS3 at a lower price point (at last!). There are a lot of images being tweeted right now, and while most of them show the official Sony photos, some show what seems to be live images of the PS3 Slim and its box. This is getting people excited! Will Sony address consumers demand (for cheap hardware) and its […]