Back in September 2012 we heard about the relatively cheaper Sony PlayStation 3. The company had made a significant change. It replaced the big hard drive PS3 originally came with 12GB of flash based memory. This radically drove the price down. However, there was one caveat. Sony didn’t release this model in U.S. back then. They exclusively marketed it in Hong Kong and Europe. Now nearly a year after its initial launch, it has been confirmed that Sony PlayStation 3 12GB model has finally made its way Stateside. It is available now from Best Buy for $199.99.

We picked up on an alleged 12GB PS3 model last week, the picture reportedly came from a Kmart stockroom somewhere in the U.S. The box contained strict instructions that the unit was not to be displayed or sold until August 18th. Its safe to say now that the launch is spot on. For ardent gamers who have a massive games library, 12GB of storage isn’t going to do much good. Its possible to add additional storage through USB though, so its not like you’ll be stuck with 12GB forever. This particular PS3 model is also now available in Canada, its being sold through a retailer called Future Shop.

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