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New Diablo 3 Teaser For Console Revealed, Gets Pretty Creepy
Last week we reported that Blizzard had released a new Diablo 3 teaser trailer for the PS3 in which the teaser reminded us somewhat of Paranormal Activity. As we had mentioned last time, the trailer released then was the first in several trailers that Blizzard would be releasing, and now it looks like the developers are back with part 2. While the first trailer was reminiscent of Paranormal Activity and […]

PS3 Wireless Headsets Will Play Nicely With The PS4
If you were planning on picking up the Microsoft Xbox One console, you might have heard that older Xbox 360 headsets will not be compatible with the new console. Instead Microsoft has announced that they are working on an adapter that will allow compatibility at a later date. However the good news for would-be PlayStation 4 owners is that if you are upgrading from the PlayStation 3 and you still […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Headed To Consoles, Handhelds On October 29
We think it’s safe to say everyone has had their fill of Angry Birds Star Wars news for the rest of this month which started with the original game being made available for free on iOS, which was then followed up with news of its sequel just a few days after. Now it looks like we’ve got another piece of Angry Birds Star Wars news for you to chew on as  Rovio […]

Rockstar Confirms GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer Was Demoed on PS3
Just the other day Rockstar took the wraps off the gameplay trailer for its upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5. Needless to say the gameplay trailer looked fantastic and seemed to line up with the stunning screenshots Rockstar has been releasing over the past couple of months. However it seems that some people weren’t convinced that the game was being run on current-gen consoles, like the Sony PlayStation 3 for […]


YouTube Updates PS3 App, Includes ‘Send To TV’ Feature
YouTube has a new PS3 app with a bunch of additional features.

New Lost Planet 3 Trailer Features A Lot Of Internal Monlogue [Video]
Capcom released a new trailer for Lost Planet 3 that highlights E.D.N. III as well as the Akrid.

New Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Video Compares SD Version
Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy X / X-2 comparing the HD version with the SD version.

Sony Launching Summer Blast Sale Tomorrow For PS3, PS Vita Games
Sony is launching its Summer Blast sale for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games starting tomorrow.

The Last Of Us Patched To Remove Phone-Sex Hotline Phone Numbers
The Last of Us was recently patched in order to rid the game of the accidental inclusion of a phone-sex number.

Netflix Launches Content Suggestion Engine Called Max Onto PS3
Netflix has launched a new content suggestion engine called Max onto the PlayStation 3.

Sony Refunding PS3 Owners After Inflating Deadpool Price
Those who purchased Deadpool on the PlayStation Network will be receiving a refund due to an error in pricing.

Sony Releases PS3 Firmware Update 4.46 To Fix 4.45 Issues
Sony has made good on its promise to offer a fix for its 4.45 firmware update by releasing 4.46.

Sony PS3 4.45 Firmware Update Fix Coming This June 27th
Sony has announced that the 4.45 firmware update fix will arrive this June 27th.

No PS3 Price Cuts Planned For Now
With the Sony PS4 set to launch later this year, we’re sure that many gamers who have no plans to pick up the console are looking forward to potential price cuts of the Sony PS3. This is more or less expected since we expect Sony will want to get rid of older stock while focusing on sales of the PS4. However gamers looking to pick up a PS3 console for […]