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PSPgo confirmed dead
It was only yesterday when we reported that stocks of the PSPgo were running out, and Sony was acting all nonchalant about it. With the company neither denying nor confirming reports, rumors started surfacing about the Japanese electronics manufacturer putting the final nail in the coffin for the not-so-successful portable gaming console.Well, all the speculation can come to an end now. It has been reported that Sony has formally announced […]

PSPgo stock runs dry, Sony shrugs
Word on the street is that Sony’s quietly discontinuing the PSPgo. Japanese and European retailers are reporting that stock for the device that serves digital-only games are running low and Sony is not shipping any more units out. Japan’s Sony Style Store also lists the gaming handheld as unavailable (although the US Sony Style Store still has them in stock).Sony has neither confirmed or denied the reports. Instead, official statements […]

PSP Go sees a permanent price drop
The Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) isn’t out just yet, but that doesn’t mean Sony is going to let you anticipate the device even more by offering a lower price for their poor selling PSP Go – which definitely has moved far fewer units than the suits at Sony expected, although they won’t admit it. The PSP Go will now retail for $149.99 a pop, which is a cool 25% […]

Wii emulator on PSP shows off Mario Kart sans lag
Obiwan222222 (what a handle!) is now back with his pet project, doing away with the lag problem that did pour cold water in his initial attempt to play Wii on a PSP – a good four years ago, in fact. Obiwan222222 has worked around the kinks this time, where he used a Wii emulator on a PC, some custom firmware, and a program called PSPDisplay – resulting in streaming his […]


Disassemble Your PSP Go In Minutes
You’re most probably not going to be able to disassemble a PSP Go in less than 2 minutes, but if you’re looking for a quick stop-motion video on how to disassemble your PSP Go (for whatever reason you might have), we’ve managed to find one that’s pretty cool, and educational too (if you like disassembling stuff). Sadly the reassembly part of the video isn’t going to help you much, but […]

Sega Genesis emulator on PSPGo
The Sony PSPGo hasn’t exactly broken sales charts to date, but that doesn’t mean it does not deserve good things coming its way. The Sony handheld console has been hacked to make it more likeable, where it now features a Sega Genesis emulator that ought to rock the socks off folks who grew up on a steady diet of 16-bit gaming and uncensored finishing moves in the original Mortal Kombat.

PSP Go undergoes survey for new colors
Nintendo is the master when it comes to introducing new colors for the same handheld, selling millions of units in the process. This is a fact that is not lost on Sony so far, with the Japanese company conducting a survey on the type of colors one would like the PSP Go to come in, hopefully to add to the current Piano Black and Pearl White systems once the survey […]

PSP Go modded again
Another day, another PSP Go. Either the device is really that popular, or Sony made a mess out of its design, leading people to perform their own worthy mods to keep up with the times. This modded model comes with glowing buttons, flashing lights and the works that turns it into a portable disco ball light. What are some of the more interesting mods you would like to see hit […]

PSP Go experiences price cut
So soon after the PSP Go was released officially, a clone has already surfaced in the form of the PXP-2000. Could this have set off the alarm bells of those people at Sony to reduce the price of the PSP Go to $200, which is a cool $50 discount? It will bring the price point down to the level of the Nintendo Wii, but does that still warrant a purchase […]

PSP Go modded
The PSP Go might just have been released, but that has not stopped avid modders Flasher and Roro3030 from giving it a go. They’ve blinged up the PSP Go the techno way, by throwing in a bunch of fancy LEDs that light up to go along with your copy of Lumines. This bodes well as a sign of things to come, and we can’t wait to see what other modders […]

PSP Go is now official
The Sony PSP Go is finally available, where you can choose from Piano Black and Ceramic White colors, making a beeline to all major retailers in both North America and Europe. Those living across the Atlantic will have to fork out more in terms of intrinsic value since they pay 250 Euros compared to our $249.99. We’re pretty much stoked at what the PSP Go can offer, but it remains […]

Sony Attaches Premium Price To PSP Go
Sony’s recently announced PSP Go looked sleek like any other new device should, but what ticks many people of is the premium one would have to fork out for it compared to the regular PSP-3000. After all, the expensive UMD drive is already removed to be replaced by much cheaper flash memory, and SCEE’s Andrew House had the gall to say, “Those aren’t the factors. When you introduce a new […]

Sony Wants To Win With PSP Go, But Not at Any Price
Since it was announced at E3, the Sony PSP Go and its pricing in particular has created a lot of buzz on the web. If you missed it, PSP Go is not so different from the PSP, except that it basically fixes the portability problem and relies on digital files downloads for game acquisition. As for the pricing, it’s never low enough obviously, but at least we can take a […]

PSP Go and Media Go App Store
The PSP Go was not a big surprise due to the overwhelming amount of leaks that happened over the week end. The Media Go however the big news, it is Sony’s “Itunes” that runs on a PC to sync content with the PSP, Sense Me the equivalent of Genius will display related content that users might like as well. All future PSP apps will be digitaly delivered via the Playstation […]