Word on the street is that Sony’s quietly discontinuing the PSPgo. Japanese and European retailers are reporting that stock for the device that serves digital-only games are running low and Sony is not shipping any more units out. Japan’s Sony Style Store also lists the gaming handheld as unavailable (although the US Sony Style Store still has them in stock).

Sony has neither confirmed or denied the reports. Instead, official statements in regard to the PSPgo’s early demise have been shifted to conversation on the regular PSP and the future NGP. Ever since the launch of the device, the PSPgo has always been the black sheep in the PSP family. It was touted as a smaller, more pocketable device that ditched the UMD in favor for internal storage and digitally distributed games. Unfortunately, Sony fumbled its launch with a hefty $250 price tag that didn’t sit well with gamers. Digital games for the PSPgo also weren’t released on the same date as their UMD counterparts. Even dropping the device down to $200 hasn’t helped the PSPgo because gamers could not transfer their UMD games to digital, making them just nice $30-40 coasters.

I say good riddance. The NGP is going to astound PSP gamers no matter what and the Xperia Play looks to broaden PlayStation’s appeal. The road ahead for PlayStation will be fine even without the PSPgo.

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