Sony Spy CamIf you think that someone has been stealing the cookies from the cookie jar in the kitchen but haven’t been able to find the thief because nobody in your house wants to admit doing it, it might be time to take some drastic action. Like installing a camera in the kitchen to see who’s been stealing your treats. Since a regular camera won’t do (it would stick out like a sore thumb and scare thieves away) a camera that is disguised as an alarm clock should do the trick.

We’ve seen “Sony” spy cameras before, and this new Sony Alarm Clock Self Contained Spy Camera/DVR has been given a boost in specs since them. This new hidden camera records 720p HD videos in MPEG4 format that is stored on an SD card (16GB provided). It features a time and date stamp so you know when exactly footage is being captured, and it is motion activated as well, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of fast forwarding through useless footage.

When not in use as a video camera, it functions as a regular alarm clock/radio so it’s never a useless device lying around collecting dust. The Sony Alarm Clock and Radio Self Contained Spy Camera can be yours for $329.89.

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