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Next-Gen RAM Speed Will Be Twice As Fast
No one ever wished for their PC to be slower. There’s always a constant drive to get more performance out of the components that power our machines and the RAM is one of the components that very crucial to the entire experience. JEDEC, the organization tasked with setting standards for the industry, has confirmed that it’s working on design specifications for the next-generation DDR RAM and that it’s going to […]

Samsung Begins To Mass Produce 8Gb GDDR5 DRAM
South Korean conglomerate Samsung has begun to mass products what is deemed to be the first of its kind in the industry – and I am referring to 8 gigabit (Gb) GDDR5 DRAM, and the mass production will be based on the company’s leading-edge 20-nanometer (nm) process technology. Just so that everyone will be on the right footing, GDDR5 happens to be the most widely used discrete graphics memory worldwide, […]

iFixit confirms iPhone 4S has 512MB RAM
Before the iPhone 4S was officially announced, there were several rumors circulating that the iPhone 4S would come with 512MB of RAM. Later on there were reports that it would instead feature 1GB of RAM. Neither was really shocking, although some were hoping it would be the latter, especially since it would only be natural for Apple to offer as much RAM as their competitors (i.e. Samsung’s Galaxy S2).

iPhone 4S has 512MB RAM (Rumor)
We all know what a hit the iPhone 5 (now officially known as the iPhone 4S) would be, the question was not whether it would be a hit or not, but rather, just how big of a hit it would end up as. I guess the question has been answered upon hearing that this particular smartphone has already raked up more than a million in orders in pre-sales. Having said […]


Samsung "Green" DDR3 Memory Modules
What’s not Green these days? Samsung has released low voltage 30nm RDIMM DDR3 4Mbit memory modules aimed at the server market. They have the particularity of running at only 1.25V , while popular memory modules often run at 1.5V or 1.7V.It may not sound like much, it’s a whopping 60% savings over the previous generation of 40nm 2Gb DDR3 memory modules. If you scale that over thousands of computers in […]

Kingston HyperX Plug and Play memory announced
When it comes to high performance memory modules, it goes without saying that Kingston has a name and reputation to protect in this area – and they certainly intend to live up to expectations with the latest release which will come in the form of the Kingston HyperX Plug and Play memory. This will be plug-and-play, being part of a series of high-performance enthusiast memory. The HyperX PnP in fact […]

Crysis 2 developers want at least 8GB of RAM in next-gen consoles
Even if you don’t play PC games, you’ll probably still know what “But does it run Crysis?” (Cheat sheet: it means “Is your PC’s CPU and GPU powerful enough?”) Digital Foundry’s new Crysis 2 is just as beefy as Crysis was on PC. The only thing that’s changed this time around is that the visually stunning game is no longer a PC-exclusive – it’s also available on Xbox 360 and […]

Nintendo 3DS Found to Only Have 128MB of RAM
Well what do we have here? A recent teardown at Chipworks of the Nintendo 3DS reveals some interesting information. According to them, the Nintendo 3DS only has 128MB of RAM. That’s one fourth of what the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and iPhone 4 have (512MB) and one eighth of what most Android smartphones have (most are at least 1GB of RAM). In reality that’s quite a leap over the last-gen of […]

Chrysler enters electric vehicle game
Chrysler also wants to do their bit to help you lower your carbon footprint by rolling out their new Ram plug-in hybrid truck, where this mover is powered by a 12 Kwh battery with Chrysler’s very own hemi engine that they are famous for. The battery is made available courtesy of Electrovaya, where it has been billed as one which allows drivers to drive up to 20 miles on electricity […]

Mushkin introduces new RAM kits for Radioactive range
No, the Radioactive range of RAM kits from Mushkin (now there’s a familiar name for those who are concerned about computing performance) won’t cause you to grow a third arm or something, but we supposed it was named that way to “mutate” your machine into a superior performer than it was before. Mushkin’s throwing in two new RAM kits to its line of Radioactive offerings, where the RAM itself will […]

Crucial Ballistix DDR3 RAM Kit with Thermal Sensors
Crucial is now releasing its Ballistix line of DDR3 RAM kits with either 6 GB or 4G of total memory designed for users who want to push the performance boundaries. The RAM modules have thermal fins to help dissipate heat along with built-in thermal sensors. The 6 GB kit, DDR3-1866, uses three 2 GB modules while the DDR-2000 is the 4 GB capacity and utilizes two 2 GB modules. Each […]

Asus offers DDR3 memory in all new entry level netbooks
Asus has long been synonymous with the Eee PC range of netbooks, and this time round the Taiwanese company will be rolling out entry level netbooks that will feature DDR3 RAM as the minimum. It might not sound like much, but at least it shows that Asus is forward looking and will not remain in the past, moving on with the times. In fact, the Eee PC 1001PQ, Eee PC […]

Kingston Introduces Its HyperX H2O Water-cooled Memory Modules
Water-cooled devices are always cool, and it isn’t too often that you see water-cooled RAM modules. That being said, Kingston should have its eye on the overclocking community when it announced its latest HyperX H2O memory modules that are available in dual-channel 4GB and triple-channel 6GB kits, priced at $157 and $235 respectively. Aside from the performance benefits of being able to overclock your RAM modules more due to the […]

Dell Precision M6500 Notebook Sports 32GB Of DDR3 RAM
Most computer owners out there agree that you can never have too much RAM, but Dell is certainly trying to offer you as much of it as possible, as the company has upgraded its 17-inch Precision M6500 notebook to support up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM, which is achieved using four DIMM slots that pack 8GB modules each. Dell also reminds users that the new M6500 is the first notebook […]

PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 RAM flagship model launched
PQI has rolled out its flagship memory module, the PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 which is touted to be an essential part of your computer if you decide to build one from ground up, putting in nothing but the best components within. It is expected to help unleash the ultimate performance from Intel core i7 (Lynnfield, LGA 1156) processors, and with its TURBO DDR3-2200 frequency, it boasts a theoretical 40% advantage […]

Kingston HyperX 2400MHz DDR3 RAM
Kingston claims that their latest HyperX 2400MHz DDR3 RAM is the Usain Bolt of the RAM world, and who are we to dispute that? Timed at 9-11-9-27-2, we forsee that gamers as well as folks who place a high priority on performance will definitely make a beeline for the HyperX when it hits the streets. The RAM itself looks extremely menacing, just take a gander at its fins and you […]

Kingston 12GB Triple Channel HyperX Memory Kit
Kingston is back to tease all you performance freaks out there with their new 12GB triple channel DDR3 HyperX memory kit that was specially built just for the Intel Core i7 platform. The kit will come with a trio of 4GB RAM modules running at 1600MHz, and have been optimized for XMP. For those who don’t need to go to such extremes, there are always HyperX kits in 3GB and […]