No one ever wished for their PC to be slower. There’s always a constant drive to get more performance out of the components that power our machines and the RAM is one of the components that very crucial to the entire experience. JEDEC, the organization tasked with setting standards for the industry, has confirmed that it’s working on design specifications for the next-generation DDR RAM and that it’s going to be twice as fast as the current-generation RAM.

In theory, the DDR5 RAM should offer double the bandwidth and density of DDR4 RAM. It will also be faster and more power efficient due to improved channel efficiency. If history is any indication, the DDR5 RAM is going to make its way to high-end PCs and notebooks first so that gamers can take full advantage of the extra performance that it provides.

The technology will trickle down to mobile devices as well eventually. JEDEC has said that the new standards are going to be published at some point in 2018 which means that it’s going to be a considerable amount of time before DDR5 RAM modules are actually available for purchase.

It will take for PC manufacturers to build support for the next-generation RAM and that’s not going to happen overnight. So now we know that the next-generation RAM is going to be twice as fast but we also know that there’s a long wait ahead of us.

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