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Recover From Ransomware Attacks With Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server
Any Database Administrator (DBA) knows that security comes first. Thanks to responsible engineers, the database always works without failure. Also, there is the latest backup on the shelf, with which you can restore data in case of problems.

Ransomware Attack May Cost Monroe College $2 Million
Hackers are increasingly launching ransomware attacks in order to make a quick buck. They lock down the target’s computer systems and then demand a ransom to decrypt the data. That same thing has happened with New York City’s Monroe College which has been hit by a ransomware attack. The hackers are now demanding $2 million to allow the college to access its computer systems once again.

Even UK's Largest Police Forensics Contractor Isn't Safe From Ransomware
We have been reading about towns in Florida being attacked by ransomware recently. Hackers use this malware to lock down the town’s data and don’t give it back until a ransom is paid in bitcoin. The very same thing has happened to Eurofins Scientific, the United Kingdom’s largest police forensics lab contractor. It has also paid a ransom to hackers in order to regain access to its data which had […]

Third Florida Town Hit With Ransomware Attack
Florida towns are proving to be easy targets for hackers. A third local government in Florida has reported that it has also been attacked by ransomware which left its systems locked down until a ransom was paid. Key Biscayne has suffered a similar attack that Riviera Beach recently paid $500,000 to get itself out of.


How To Remove or Prevent Ransomware For Free
Ransomware is a type of malware that locks your files (or blocks access to them) and threatens to wipe them or publish them online until the ransom is paid. It was not a trending thing a few years back (though it was still dangerous). However, now, even the novice virus writers have access to powerful and effective ransomware-making tools and code.

Windows 10 Scam Emails Are Already Making Their Rounds
While many users are reporting that they have received their Windows 10 updates, there are some who are still waiting for theirs. Now as Microsoft has stated, the rollout could take days or weeks to reach you, so if you have reserved your copy, you can rest easy knowing that it will make its way to you eventually.However for those who are impatient, here’s a little warning for you guys. […]