CTB-LockerWhile many users are reporting that they have received their Windows 10 updates, there are some who are still waiting for theirs. Now as Microsoft has stated, the rollout could take days or weeks to reach you, so if you have reserved your copy, you can rest easy knowing that it will make its way to you eventually.

However for those who are impatient, here’s a little warning for you guys. According to a report from Cisco’s Talos Group, it seems that Windows 10 scam emails have been making their rounds on the internet. In fact the spoof seems so real that it even comes with a “real” microsoft.com domain.

Within the email is an attachment that supposedly contains Windows 10. However upon downloading the file and running the executable inside it, you will be in for a nasty surprise as you will soon be greeted by a ransomware by the name of CTB-Locker. Basically what it does is it locks up your data and you will only be able to get it back after paying a ransom (hence the name).

As you can see in the screenshot, if a ransom isn’t paid within a certain period of time, your data will be locked and lost forever, which safe to say isn’t something users want. In any case we’re hoping most of you guys are savvy enough to avoid such scams, but if you really want Windows 10 now, you can actually force the update in a safe way.

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