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Raytheon software monitors global media broadcasts 24/7
Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comRaytheon does not only work on swarm boat weapons and intercepts missiles, but they also have software that will help the government monitor TV broadcasts around the globe, round-the-clock, while performing an instantaneous translation as well as analysis. Sounds like magic? Actually, we are surprised to hear that this Raytheon system has been deployed operationally since 2004 by the Department of Defense, where it is […]

Raytheon JLENS swarm boat weapon touted
Raytheon, one of the active defense companies out there that have seem to made their fair share of waves in the news recently, has touted the successful testing of their Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (JLENS) against naval swarm boats sometime in the middle of this year. The JLENS’ ability to target swarm boats in the Great Salt Lake were put to a drill, and […]

Raytheon High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile tested successfully
A nuclear deterrent is a good thing if you are the one with it, but this will lead to an escalation in the arms race across the global political arena. Unfortunately, this is where the world is at right now, so it makes sense to have more sophisticated defenses systems in order to defend your country’s sovereignty. Raytheon has successfully tested their High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) which is said to […]

Law Enforcement In-Car Laptop Computer Systems debut
[CES 2012] In what is the first in-car upgrade for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department since 1987, CES 2012 will be the platform where you will be able to catch a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) patrol car come with Raytheon Company’s work that integrates the latest generation of public safety technology into the vehicle itself, turning it into a mobile command center of sorts. This decked out […]


Mini bombs could take drone warfare to a whole new level
While the idea of waging war is never a pleasant thought, we have to admit that it’s partly thanks to war and the need to defend ourselves that we have managed to come up with a variety of new and innovative technology, as demonstrated by defense contractor Raytheon who may have found a way to arm your typical spy drone and turn it into a bomb dropping machine.

Raytheon Updates Military XOS Exoskeleton Suits
Defense contractor Raytheon has announced an updated version to the company’s Sarcos XOS exoskeleton suit that allows for armed forces people to do heavy duty activities and lifting with greatly reduced muscle fatigue. The new model, dubbed the XOS 2, features a lighter and stronger frame that uses up to 50 percent less power. According to Raytheon, “With XOS 2, we targeted power consumption and looked for ways to use […]

Pain ray could be a reality
Mike Booen, VP of Raytheon’s advanced security and directed energy systems, is looking forward to the day where his company will be able to roll out a pain ray handheld device, making it THE assault intervention weapon of choice. That day might not be too far off though, since its development is already underway. This pain-delivery device (what a way of calling it) will undergo testing on “unruly” inmates at […]

Raytheon anti-aircraft laser showcased
US firm Raytheon just unveiled its anti-aircraft laser at the Farnborough Airshow in Hampshire, where the Laser Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) can be used on its own or alongside a gunnery system depending on the situation. A series of tests were run earlier this year, where the laser managed to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with accuracy thanks to its solid state fibre laser that delivers a 50 kilowatt […]