While the idea of waging war is never a pleasant thought, we have to admit that it’s partly thanks to war and the need to defend ourselves that we have managed to come up with a variety of new and innovative technology, as demonstrated by defense contractor Raytheon who may have found a way to arm your typical spy drone and turn it into a bomb dropping machine.

The company has been busy at work since 2009 at creating the Small Tactical Munition, which as it turns out was their plan to attach a bomb tiny enough to be carried on a medium-sized spy drone as opposed to their larger siblings like the Predators and Reapers. The plan here is to equip already proven drones like the Shadow with tiny munition, which could in turn empower smaller units to fly these drones themselves instead of relying on their headquarters like the Air Force.

So far Raytheon has managed to fly their Cobra drone successfully (Raytheon’s equivalent of the Shadow) in a testing zone for about an hour, so if they manage to sell this mini-bomb concept to the military, we could be looking at a whole different level of warfare.

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