A nuclear deterrent is a good thing if you are the one with it, but this will lead to an escalation in the arms race across the global political arena. Unfortunately, this is where the world is at right now, so it makes sense to have more sophisticated defenses systems in order to defend your country’s sovereignty. Raytheon has successfully tested their High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) which is said to be able to suppress or destroys surface-to-air missile radars, early warning radars and radar-directed air defense artillery systems. This helps disable the enemies defenses so that you can launch an attack of your own while minimizing risks to your own troops.

The upgrade known as the HARM Control Section Modification (HCSM), where it is part of an ongoing U.S. Air Force-led competition between two contractors. Does it make you sleep better at night knowing that the US has such technology at their disposal on the battlefield? I suppose so if you are not on the receiving end. Let’s just hope the other rogue countries and political powers will know better than walk into HARM’s way – pardon the pun. Also, we make no apologies for the insidious Ordos making a cameo above.

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