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Razer Blade 15 Laptop Updated With New Optical Keyboard
Let’s face it, the built-in keyboards on laptops aren’t exactly fun to type on. Some might be nicer than others, but for the most part, they just don’t feel quite as good as standalone keyboards. However, we have seen some laptop makers try to improve on that by introducing mechanical keyboards in laptops.

Razer Brings Its Vibrating ‘Nari Ultimate’ Headphones To The Xbox One
Last year, Razer launched the Nari Ultimate gaming headphones. While gaming headphones are a dime a dozen, with Razer probably contributing half to that, what made the Nari Ultimate stand out from the competition was that it vibrated. This means that in addition to being able to hear your games, it also allows gamers to “feel” their games as well.

Razer’s New iPhone Case Will Help Keep Your Phone Cool During Gaming
When it comes to gaming, phones can get pretty hot depending on how much processing power is needed. This is why gaming phones are becoming popular as most of them tend to come with cooling features that might not typically be found on a regular smartphone. However, if you’d rather not buy a gaming smartphone, you might be interested in Razer’s new iPhone case.

Nanoleaf’s Wall Tiles Can Now Be Used As Razer Game Controls
If you’ve ever seen a room tour by a YouTuber, there is a good chance that some of these videos contain a Nanoleaf setup. In case you’re unfamiliar, Nanoleaf is a company that specializes in creating LED wall tiles that can light up individually, thus allowing users to form a variety of patterns and shapes to their liking.


Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop Refreshed With NVIDIA's GTX 1650
The problem with gaming laptops is that for the most part, they tend to be huge and bulky and heavy. We suppose this can’t be helped as gaming laptops usually require more parts, like bigger and better cooling systems to prevent the laptop from overheating. This means that if you wanted a laptop with gaming capabilities and portability, you would have to suck it and bear the weight of the […]

Razer Will Now Make You A Custom Phone Case From Your Favorite Game
While some might argue that using a phone case kind of defeats the point of companies spending so much money investing into the design of a handset, it is more often than not a necessity. This is because of the use of materials like glass and aluminum which scratch easily, and a case at the very least protects it from that.

Razer Unveils New Viper Gaming Mouse With Optical Switches
When you think of gaming mice, there is a good chance that Razer comes to mind. The company has been known for creating gaming mice that many gamers, both casual and professional, have come to know and love. Now the company has taken the wraps off their latest gaming mouse in the form of the Razer Viper, a mouse that comes with a set of optical switches.

Razer And Ducky Team Up To Create A New Mechanical Keyboard
In the world of mechanical keyboards, the more mainstream brands that come to mind would be Razer. Then there are also lesser-known brands that might not be familiar to the masses, such as Ducky, which are actually a pretty popular choice in the mechanical keyboard community amongst those who are looking to get into the hobby.

Razer Launches Its Own Energy Drink Called Respawn
What should you be drinking when you’re engrossed in a serious gaming session with your Razer mouse and keyboard on your Razer gaming PC? A Razer energy drink. What had originally started off as an April Fools’ gag many years ago is now a reality. Razer today launched its very own energy drink called Respawn.

Razer Kraken X Ultra-Light Gaming Headset Announced
Gaming headsets are great because they afford gamers better privacy. It can also provide better quality audio and even directional audio if the game supports it, but the downside is that it can sometimes get a bit heavy and uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. That is a problem Razer thinks that they can solve.

How To Turn ON Flashlights on Android
Thanks to high-powered flash units being included in our smartphones these days, we essentially have a flashlight in our pocket ready to go at all times, and here’s how you can enable them ranging from brand to brand.

Razer Blade Studio Edition Laptops Are Aimed At Creators
Apple’s MacBook series of laptops have typically been a preferred laptop when it comes to creatives who need to edit photos and videos while on the go. However, it seems that Razer wants to challenge that notion and have since announced a new series of laptops in the form of the Razer Blade Studio Edition.

Razer Confirms That Ouya Will Be Shutting Down For Good June 25
Years ago, companies were still exploring the possibility of using Android beyond mobile devices. Ouya was such a company where the company launched an Android gaming console where it quickly became a crowdfunding darling. However, things turned sour fast due to the delays, which ultimately resulted in Ouya being bought over by Razer.

Razer Unveils New Star Wars Themed Gaming Accessories
If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars and wouldn’t mind decorating your computer desk with Star Wars themed accessories, you might be pleased to learn that gaming accessory maker Razer has announced new Star Wars themed gaming accessories in conjunction with the 4th of May, also known as “May the fourth be with you”.