Back in 2020, Razer took the wraps off a gaming chair in the form of Iskur. It was priced at $499 which was by no means cheap, but in case you are looking for a gaming chair, the company has since announced a new gaming chair called the Iskur X which is priced at $399, a good $100 cheaper than the original.

So what did Razer do to get the price lower? For starters, the company has made changes to the armrest where instead of 4D, it is now 2D in terms of its movements, which is fine if you don’t really care too much about that. However, the most notable omission is the lumbar support, so if that is very important to you, then you might need to fork out the extra $100 to get the regular Iskur.

However, Razer has also announced that they will be selling a lumbar cushion and a head cushion for the Iskur X. This will be sold separately and will be priced at $50 and $40 respectively, so buying them with the chair will end up costing you $489, saving you $10 in the process.

The chair itself will support body weights of up to 136kg, but there is no mention of maximum height so it might be safe to assume it would be the same as the original. If this sounds like a gaming chair you might be interested in, you can go ahead and pre-order it from Razer’s website.

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