Until this pandemic can be fully contained, there is a good chance that we will still need to be wearing masks for the foreseeable future. Even if it’s contained, wearing a mask isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’re sick as it can help prevent you from passing it along onto other people around you.

However, if the current design of face masks aren’t for you, then you might be pleased to learn that Razer has since unveiled what they are calling Project Hazel, which is a smart face mask. According to Razer, this will improve on current mask design.

“The mask concept design innovates with N95 medical-grade respirator protection using detachable and rechargeable active ventilators and Smart Pods that regulate airflow for optimal breathability. Its high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) Smart Pods filter at least 95% of airborne particles and have a high fluid resistance.”

The mask has also been designed to be transparent, which will allow others to see facial cues, like a smile, or if they laugh. Given that this is a Razer product, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are also built-in lights that the company says will help users “express themselves clearly regardless of the lighting conditions”.

Project Hazel will also include a built-in voice amplifier so that users can sound clearer while wearing it. There is currently no release date or price attached to the mask yet, but the company  says that they’re working to optimize its design through testing and user feedback, so it might be a while before it hits the market (if at all).

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