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Samsung Announces Refrigerator That Can Make Soda
When we walk over to our fridge, it’s most likely in order to retrieve some delicious treat as a number of our meals would be planned completely differently if we weren’t able to keep them cold. One treat I like to indulge in every so often is a nice ginger ale, which I can now make myself now that Samsung has introduced its refrigerator equipped with a SodaStream dispenser.Samsung’s RF31FMESBSR […]

The Meneghini La Cambusa is what a $40,500 refrigerator looks like
Refrigerators are a necessity – they keep fruits and vegetables fresh, prevent the milk from going bad, making ice, and etc. However when you have truckloads of money to spend, we guess having a fridge that does more than just cool your beers and freeze your ice creams is to be expected, and this is exactly what the Meneghini La Cambusa fridge is all about. Priced at a staggering $40,500 […]

Particulate Food Fridge concept
You know, technology has progressed at such a rate where owning your very own personal refrigerator is no longer a big deal, but here is a concept that might just blow you away – we’re talking about the Particulate Food Fridge which ought to be a perfect fit for just about any lifestyle. What makes this different is how it looks – it does seem to resemble a lunchbox instead […]

Smart Fridge hopes to keep you healthy
They say that health is wealth, and we couldn’t agree more. Before you see how “rich” you are, why not open the doors to your fridge and see just how many healthy stuff are in there compared to food items that your local doctor would shy away from? There is a reason why technology is around – to help us lead a better life, of course. This Smart Fridge concept […]


Samsung Zipel refrigerator surfs the Internet
You know that the future is here when even your everyday fridge boasts Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to surf the Internet while you try to figure out just what drink to make with an array of ready ingredients within. The Samsung Zipel has affluent South Koreans in its crosshairs, boasting a 10″ touchscreen display, the aforementioned Wi-Fi connectivity and plays nice with DLNA devices. The display itself can double up […]

Window Fridge makes it easier to come to a decision
The Window Fridge is one concept that should be a staple in all refrigerators worldwide, as it helps you make a decision before opening the door which in turn helps save the environment since you won’t waste time and energy, thinking about a choice between the Coke or Pepsi with the fridge door fully open. Apart from that, the fridge comes in a long tube design that makes it a […]

Gorenje SmartTable keeps its cool
What looks like a standard round table to sit your corporate knights whenever you chair a meeting has a luxurious secret hidden within – the Gorenje SmartTable helps keep things cool by featuring a refrigerator built right into it, keeping its contents nice and cool. It has enough space to store at least a bottle of bubbly as well as some fruits, rising out from the middle like some sort […]