When we walk over to our fridge, it’s most likely in order to retrieve some delicious treat as a number of our meals would be planned completely differently if we weren’t able to keep them cold. One treat I like to indulge in every so often is a nice ginger ale, which I can now make myself now that Samsung has introduced its refrigerator equipped with a SodaStream dispenser.

Samsung’s RF31FMESBSR is a 36-inch four-door refrigerator which has a number of features, but the most enticing has to be its SodaStream dispenser. SodaStream is an appliance that has been gaining in popularity over the years, and this marks the first time a refrigerator has decided to fuse with it.

The SodaStream feature will allow you to offer three levels of carbonation that comes from a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder that can be accessed through a concealed area inside the refrigerator’s door.

In addition to being able to create your own bubbly drinks, the refrigerator is still able to dispense water and ice cubes for those times when you need a boring drink to get you through the day.

Samsung’s RF31FMESBSR will be available this April for $3,899.

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