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Toshiba Regza AT374/28K Is Japan Version Of Excite 7
Earlier this morning, we brought you word that Toshiba has unleashed their latest 7” Android-powered tablet which comes in the form of the Toshiba Excite 7, where it will sell under that moniker in the US of A. Well, what about the rest of the world, especially when we are talking about the home country of Toshiba itself, Japan? Fret not, folks who live in the Land of the Rising […]

Toshiba “TimeOn" REGZA Cloud Service
[CEATEC 2013] Toshiba has ventured into interesting territory with their “TimeOn” REGZA cloud service which will definitely affect the way you watch TV from now on. I guess this is the next step from where DVRs have brought the TV viewing experience to the next level. Basically, the “TimeOn” cloud service will be able to offer different services for cloud-based TVs by hooking up viewers with the relevant content, while […]

Toshiba pushes 4K REGZA HDTVs at CEATEC 2012
At Japan’s biggest technology trade show Toshiba was demonstrating 4K REGZA televisions with a maximum size of 84″. The company was showing content shot in 4K, but also content that was up-scaled (magnified) from a regular 1080p source and believe me, the demo looked absolutely stunning. Obviously, the footage used during such trade shows is carefully selected and tuned to feature eye-popping colors and contrasts but in the grand scheme of things, it is […]

Toshiba Regza Dynamic 40S5 targets the entry level market
Toshiba knows that there are different kinds of users when it comes to the world of consumer electronics, which is why where the TV market is concerned, they have decided to position their most recent addition to the Regza family as an entry level device. Known as the Toshiba Regza Dynamic 40S5, it will clearly target the entry level market by offering adequate bang for your hard earned buck in […]


Fujitsu rolls out docomo NEXT series REGZA T-02D phone
Fujitsu has just announced a spanking new NEXT series of the REGZA T02D smartphone which will make its way to NTT DoCoMo of Japan. You can be sure that it will be a pretty tough job finding an imported unit here in the US for many reasons, but let us take a look at the kind of technology which this particular smartphone packs underneath the hood. For starters, the REGZA […]

Toshiba Regza 55X3 priced, no release date in US yet
The quest for larger and better quality TVs go on, and HDTV is now so passe. There is a new kid on the block, but too bad it is too future forward since current TV signals that max out at Full HD resolution ain’t gonna be good enough to churn out adequate pixels for the new 4K resolution behemoth that we call the Toshiba Regza 55X3. Not only that, this […]

Toshiba HDTV has power saving button
You would think that with the amount of green education that is going around these days, Captain Planet and the Planeteers would have seen a revival in popularity instead of those fuel guzzling Transformers. Well, Toshiba is on Captain Planet’s side with their new REGZA 32BC3 HDTV which was launched in Japan. Just what does this new LCD TV bring to the table?

Toshiba Regza 19P2 TV has an internal battery
Toshiba has just announced a new addition to its REGZA TV line up. Called the 19P2, this LCD TV is 19″ in size (1366 x 768) and has a feature that makes it stand apart from other TVs – it features a removable internal battery that’s capable of giving you 5 hours of continuous entertainment on your TV in the event of a blackout in your home. It’s also handy […]

New Toshiba REGZA RB2 TVs come with Blu-ray players
Toshiba has just introduced a new line of REGZA RB2 TVs meant to help out folks who are interested in kicking off their Blu-ray habit with the purchase of a new HDTV and a Blu-ray player. The new REGZA RB2 TVs will come with Blu-ray disc players built directly into the TV, saving consumers the trouble of having to purchase 2 separate devices. The RB2 TVs come in 3 different […]

Toshiba Regza GL1 3D TV does not require you to wear 3D glasses
Have you watched Tron in 3D already? If you haven’t done so, we would recommend you queue up for a ticket (or two) and enjoy the experience, never mind the acting and plot. Of course, entering such cinemas will require you to wear a pair of 3D glasses, but what if you could enjoy full 3D capability without having to wear such glasses? Toshiba intends to bring that experience home […]

Toshiba Announces REGZA SD-P96DT, SD-P76S Portable DVD Player
Toshiba has announced a pair of portable DVD players, the REGZA SD-P96DT, which uses a 9-inch screen, and a smaller 7-inch SD-P76S. The larger 9-inch model has a WVGA resolution and built-in 1-Seg digital and analog tuners and a promised 6 hours of battery life. The smaller model doesn’t have any tuners and will have a resolution of 480 X 234 with about 3 hours of battery life. Both models […]

Toshiba Android-powered Regza T-01C Phone
Toshiba has introduced its first Android-powered smartphone over in Japan, the T-01C, which will be arriving in said country this December or next January. The phone actually carries the company’s Regza branding, normally reserved for its TV sets. Of course, bearing the Regza branding, it’s no surprise to see that there is a landscape stand built-in the device, allowing users to use it with the 1Seg TV tuner to enjoy […]

Toshiba Regza LED LCD TVs handle LAN recording
Toshiba’s latest line of Regza LED LCD TVs that were announced for the Japan market today has the interesting Z1 series which should turn plenty of heads. After all, it comes in a range of 37″ to 55″ edge-lit LEDs, accompanied by USB as well as LAN recording functionality. Yes, you read that right – these new Regza LED LCD TVs are able to record over a network bringing something […]

Toshiba Regza TV takes Hello Kitty route
Toshiba has unveiled a new 19″ Regza TV that boasts a Hello Kitty logo at the bottom left hand corner, making this a gift that would bring an ear-to-ear smile for your little princess who has been hankering you for a TV in her room since forever. Features ain’t too shabby either, with 1,366 × 768 resolution, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a couple of HDMI ports, 3W x 2-chanel speakers […]